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Because it’s never too late to teach your daughters about fashion

Posted on: June 3, 2010

I love painted toenails. And when it comes to painted toenails on little girls, heart be still. However, getting my 2 yo and almost-1 yo to hold still long enough while the polish dries is impossible. Inevitably, the polish ends up smeared, rubbed off or all over my bathroom counter. Then I found a solution: 60 second quick dry polish.

You gotta love a product that makes these cuties look even cuter!

H's toes

J's toes

Hello Summer and cute baby toes!

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8 Responses to "Because it’s never too late to teach your daughters about fashion"

awwww babyyy feeeet ,gorgeouss!!

I paint my daughters’s toes and nails too. I think it’s because I never was allowed to and because I secretly wish for her to be more girly than I am. She loves it and sits so still while I paint. I think it’s the most adorable thing when they start to blow on them to help them dry! Cute post!

Visitng from TILT

How sweet!!! Little baby toes are just sooooo adorable!!!

Too cute! Wanna try painting Evie’s toes tonight? 🙂

I’ll try it Wendy!

love that picture of the beautiful painted piggy toes in the grass

Ohmigosh I had no idea painted baby toes were something to love-but I LOVE it! Clearly, I’m not very girly. I’m learning from people like you if we ever have a girl in our house.

Katie – I actually wasn’t very girly until I had girls. I’m really wanting to give them the option to be girly so they can have all these fun experiences growing up.

And painted baby toes…. are my favorite summer look. 🙂

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