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I have feathers. In my hair. On purpose. And quite frankly, they kinda rock.

I have four sections of feather extensions {two on each side}. Two are larger feathers {more of what you think when you think “bird feather”} and then the rest are long and thin {think rooster feathers}. I’d totally go for more, but, as it turns out, feather extensions aren’t cheap. Here in Austin, they average $20-25 a section. Thankfully, my awesome new stylist said she wouldn’t charge me for each extension, just one. You can buy kits, but it seems just as pricey to me, since they are geared more toward salons.

The extensions last up to 4 months. As your hair grows out, you can go back in for them to readjust the feathers {or, with some pliers, do it yourself}. Once the feathers are in, you can wash and style your hair as normal. I was a little worried the first time, but the feathers did fine. My larger feathers reminded me of what a wet bird looks like {sort of poofy and crazy} but they calmed down. I’ve been told, the feathers take on your natural oils with time and blend in completely with your hair. I haven’t noticed that yet with the two larger feathers, but have with the thinner ones.

So far, I’m in love with them. Love, love, love. Jonathan was a little shocked at first – just because I had gotten four sections and, honestly, because of my two big feathers. I think they freaked him out a bit. 😉 I figure it’s just a stepping stone to preparing him for me getting dreads.

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I haven’t had my hair cut in nearly a year. I know it’s been that long, because I had it cut for my birthday last year {which is later this week}. And for my birthday this year, I’m having it cut again. Clearly, I don’t have a very good track record for regularly maintaining my hair. It’s not that I don’t want to, I just don’t make it a priority. At all.

Which is why I’m so bad at having short hair. Because when you have short hair, it has to be a priority. Hair cuts every 6 weeks {maybe even sooner}. I can’t remember to feed my dog some mornings, let alone have my hair cut.

But my bad hair cutting track records doesn’t stop me from wanting short hair like this:

Or even as short as this:

{photo credit}

While I’m having a hard time finding photo evidence on my computer, my hair was this short for a time in college. And fire engine red. I. Kid. You. Not.

I just love short hair. I think it looks pretty good on me too {in a totally not vain sorta way}. And when I see other people with short hair, I’m always a tad envious of how cute it looks. Yet despite my love of short hair, I am no good at maintaining short hair. Which is why, come Friday, I’ll be getting my hair “trimmed” not “cut”.

But, I am going to mix things up this year and get feather hair extensions. Ever heard of them? I just discovered them from a friend who had some put in a few weeks back.

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