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I have feathers. In my hair. On purpose. And quite frankly, they kinda rock.

I have four sections of feather extensions {two on each side}. Two are larger feathers {more of what you think when you think “bird feather”} and then the rest are long and thin {think rooster feathers}. I’d totally go for more, but, as it turns out, feather extensions aren’t cheap. Here in Austin, they average $20-25 a section. Thankfully, my awesome new stylist said she wouldn’t charge me for each extension, just one. You can buy kits, but it seems just as pricey to me, since they are geared more toward salons.

The extensions last up to 4 months. As your hair grows out, you can go back in for them to readjust the feathers {or, with some pliers, do it yourself}. Once the feathers are in, you can wash and style your hair as normal. I was a little worried the first time, but the feathers did fine. My larger feathers reminded me of what a wet bird looks like {sort of poofy and crazy} but they calmed down. I’ve been told, the feathers take on your natural oils with time and blend in completely with your hair. I haven’t noticed that yet with the two larger feathers, but have with the thinner ones.

So far, I’m in love with them. Love, love, love. Jonathan was a little shocked at first – just because I had gotten four sections and, honestly, because of my two big feathers. I think they freaked him out a bit. 😉 I figure it’s just a stepping stone to preparing him for me getting dreads.

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After yesterday’s post on my ten choices for New York, I’m seriously considered having you all pick my clothes for me each week. Thanks for all the great input! I thought either 1) people wouldn’t really give much opinion or 2) people would think this was the craziest post I’ve ever had. {But then I remembered I just wrote about composting toilets and reusable toilet paper, so I’m in the clear for covering crazy posts!}

I’ve decided to take all the clothes with me {plus a few more “plain” tops – as I do tend to overpack}. However, for sure I’ve decided to wear #4, #7 and #9. I added a few cardigans per layer suggestions and made sure my comfy flats were packed next to my amazing {but not so great for long walks} heels. I will also be adding this number {sans bike and possibly a different scarf}:

Thanks again ladies for all the input {and super sweet words!}. I will be sure to take lots of pictures to post next week!

{Ladies, I wanted to thank you for cheering me on for this weekend. It’s an exciting adventure for me and I know once I’m there I’ll chillax.}

As Jonathan was helping me pull together my clothes for New York this weekend, I realized – Sometimes you just need a girl’s opinion. Then I had a brilliant idea. Why not take pictures of my top ten outfits and get your opinions? Hello Fashion Show!

{Let me just preface this now – not all the photos are top quality, that’s what I get for not having someone behind the camera.}

Outfit #1 – Morning Casual

Here we have Morning Casual – your basic jeans and tank. Perfect for grabbing coffee and a walk through Central Park.

Outfit #2 – Flirty Dress

Here we have the Flirty Dress. A cute number that is breezy and light.

Outfit #3 – Casual Dress

Here we have the Casual Dress. The Casual Dress gives you a cute, but relaxed, look. It’s jazzed up easily with a lightweight scarf.

Outfit #4 – Hip Leggings

Here we have Hip Leggings. Pair a set of leggings {either ankle or calf length} with a shorter dress and add a belt for a fashionable look.

Outfit #5 – Black and White Leggings

Here we have Black and White Leggings. Pair a set of calf length leggings with a dressier black and white top. Finish off with black flats {not shown}.

Outfit #6 – Rockstar Chic

Here we have Rockstar Chic. A cute and playful plaid tunic set with skinny jeans.

Outfit #7 – Shimmery Nights

Here we have Shimmery Nights. A great shimmer cowl neck top matched with dark skinny jeans. Perfect for a night out in the Big Apple. Match with awesomely great high heels {shown here}.

Outfit #8 – Old Faithful

Here we have Old Faithful. Nothing is a better standby than a white top and bootcut jeans. Shown here with brown belt.

Outfit # 9 – Old Faithful with a twist

Here we have Old Faithful without the brown belt. In it’s place we have a lightweight crinkle blue scarf.

Outfit #10 – YOU CHOOSE!

Ok ladies, here’s where I need your help. Which outfit was a must and which was a bust? What would you mix and match? What would you add or remove?

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But, this is what I’ve packed for a weekend getaway.

I’m not sure what’s more disturbing, the fact that I have 10 outfits for 3 days, that I’m already packed two days in advance, or that I still feel like maybe I should pack more {you just never know what you might need}.

If you see me in person from now until Friday, please don’t laugh about me wearing the same clothes every day. Ok? Thanks.

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Despite being a Southern girl, spending most summers in West Texas and the rest in sweltering Tennessee humidity, I am not well adjusted to heat. And the whole “Southern women don’t sweat, they glisten” is a far cry from the truth. The fact that I love jeans and t-shirts does not help my fight against the heat – so what’s a gal to do?

Dresses. Nothing beats a good cotton summer dress.

{Notice the awesome heels?}

I love nice, simple, cotton dresses for so many reasons. They are easy keep-up {hello machine washable!}; they are relaxed but can be jazzed up with a few accessories; they are normally inexpensive, so I don’t feel all that bad if one succumbs to the “dangers” of mamahood. For a little less than $25, I’ve managed to collect a week’s worth of dresses to wear this summer.

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A couple of weeks ago, I told Jonathan if I could do college all over, I’d major in fashion design. That might make several people laugh {don’t feel bad if you do, Jon did too}. My typical outfit is jeans and t-shirt. Oh, and a ponytail. If I buy something new, I usually double triple check with Jon that it looks good. And if I feel the least bit self conscious, I usually will never wear said outfit again. That is until now.

After I confessed my deep desire to Jon, I thought “Why can’t I just do fashion design now? Why can’t 2010 be my year?” So, ladies {and gentlemen}, I’m declaring 2010 to be my fashion year. And my two latest fashion statements?

Aside from having to get use to wearing 5 inch heels, I’d say I’m getting off to a rocking good start with my new fashion self. Even my parents were so impressed, that “Dampa Dave” wrote a post about the shoes.

{Hoping I make Emily proud with these big ol’ earrings!}

I always wear a ponytail. Well, maybe not always, but most every day. Yet they tend to get a little boring over time and don’t seem to be all that feminine and chic. I’ve experimented with the “poof” and currently I’m on the side ponytail kick. This weekend I decided to give it a little summer look by adding a cute flower:

All you need is a silk flower {real ones tend to wilt rapidly in the heat – especially when in your hair}, some hot glue and a button pin.

Put hot glue on the back of the flower, then glue the pin {needle facing you} to the flower. Allow to dry/cool completely. Once you’re ready to use, pull your hair back and stick the pin through a small section next to your ponytail holder {you could also stick it into the ponytail holder itself}.

I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans this weekend, despite swearing them off as “nothing I would ever wear”. You see, I firmly believed they would give me an upside-down pear look. But, they don’t. And I actually like them. Shocking, I know.

Even more shocking – Jonathan picked them out for me. They wouldn’t have been my first choice, but as some might know, Jonathan is the better dresser and fashionite then me. So over the years I’ve learned to trust his taste.

And here they are:

*Please pardon the lack of make-up and slightly disheveled look. After all, it is 9:30 on a Monday morning. I’ve only had my first two cups of coffee, so I’m proud to be out of my pj’s already. 😉

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