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Summer dresses and life is good

Posted on: June 24, 2010

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Despite being a Southern girl, spending most summers in West Texas and the rest in sweltering Tennessee humidity, I am not well adjusted to heat. And the whole “Southern women don’t sweat, they glisten” is a far cry from the truth. The fact that I love jeans and t-shirts does not help my fight against the heat – so what’s a gal to do?

Dresses. Nothing beats a good cotton summer dress.

{Notice the awesome heels?}

I love nice, simple, cotton dresses for so many reasons. They are easy keep-up {hello machine washable!}; they are relaxed but can be jazzed up with a few accessories; they are normally inexpensive, so I don’t feel all that bad if one succumbs to the “dangers” of mamahood. For a little less than $25, I’ve managed to collect a week’s worth of dresses to wear this summer.

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9 Responses to "Summer dresses and life is good"

I hate shorts. The modest ones make me look dumpy and I just say no to short shorts. So, totally with you on this one. I have several cotton dresses and skirts that I can wear to work or just out and about. And they are so breezy and comfy and you feel like a *lady.* Plus you can find them on clearance for less than $10. And if you are not opposed to the evil empire, I saw some at Walmart the other day (on my twice-annual soul-sucking trip there) that were actually pretty cute, and only $12.

$25 TOTAL? You look fab, by the way!

$25 total. I’ve found several at Old Navy for dirt cheap. Like $1.98 cheap.

Great dress! I just bought one very similar to that from Chadwicks (for $4) that they are selling as a swim suit cover-up. I will definitely wear it as a dress, though! I love your necklace and shoes, too!

Cute!! I don’t have any cotton dresses! I used to wear suits all the time and the past year I’ve been trying to loose my baby weight before buying anything new. So, guess it’s time to get out of my SAHM lounge wear and go shopping!! Thanks for the tip!

Do it! I feel like such a lady when I wear them and yet they are so simple. Plus, I don’t really worry about getting kid-ness all over them since I know I can just wash them.

GREAT look!! You inspire me. 🙂

Very very cute, and way to find some good deals!

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