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A passion for fashion

Posted on: June 16, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I told Jonathan if I could do college all over, I’d major in fashion design. That might make several people laugh {don’t feel bad if you do, Jon did too}. My typical outfit is jeans and t-shirt. Oh, and a ponytail. If I buy something new, I usually double triple check with Jon that it looks good. And if I feel the least bit self conscious, I usually will never wear said outfit again. That is until now.

After I confessed my deep desire to Jon, I thought “Why can’t I just do fashion design now? Why can’t 2010 be my year?” So, ladies {and gentlemen}, I’m declaring 2010 to be my fashion year. And my two latest fashion statements?

Aside from having to get use to wearing 5 inch heels, I’d say I’m getting off to a rocking good start with my new fashion self. Even my parents were so impressed, that “Dampa Dave” wrote a post about the shoes.

{Hoping I make Emily proud with these big ol’ earrings!}

7 Responses to "A passion for fashion"

Love it, can’t wait to see you in the shoes 🙂

LOVE your dad’s post- so sweet. What a loving, admiring father you have.

And, yes, I a thrilled with your choice of earrings- big is one thing- peacocks is quite another. Talk about strutting your stuff!

Cute shoes! However, I have always daydreamed about going back to college as either an accountant or graphic designer… those sound boring now, :)!

I love the earrings! I’m a sucker for all things peacock–fabulous!

[…] Comment! While I enjoy the recreations that summer brings, I don’t really care for the heat of summer. I especially can’t stand having my hair down for very long, which means I wear ponytails. A lot. And while I’ve gotten creative with my ponytails, I’ve decided to try my hand at something new {after all, this is my year to start being a fashion mama}. […]

[…] I added a few cardigans per layer suggestions and made sure my comfy flats were packed next to my amazing {but not so great for long walks} heels. I will also be adding this number {sans bike and possibly a different […]

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