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My Hannah, My Precious

Posted on: June 15, 2010

One year ago today, Hannah Michelle graced us with her presence in this world. It has been one amazing adventure and I can’t imagine life without her laughter, smile, and snuggly hugs and kisses. The first 6 weeks of adjusting to life with two children were rocky {that’s being polite} and I seriously thought I would not make it. But as time progressed, things got easier {actually, does raising kids get easier, or do we just learn to cope better??}.

I must admit, I was smitten with Hannah from the beginning. Her features reminded me so much of Julia but her temperament was almost opposite {she slept 6 hours straight the third night she was home – Julia didn’t sleep 6 hours straight till she was 4 months old}. And now? Now, she continues to remind us she is her own person in every right. Hannah loves to eat and will make it known when she’s hungry and you aren’t getting her food fast enough. She will sit in her high chair and growl/grunt/scream until you hand over the food. It’s quite a sight.

One of my favorite things about Hannah is her cuddling. She wants to lay in my lap and just hug and snuggle. Not all the time, but when she does, it melts my heart. She’s becoming quite the walker and talker. Her favorite words are “mama”, “papa”, “bye” and “moll” {short for Molly, her bear}. Hannah has started to attempt “Julia” but mostly gets “ju” at best. But, she loves her big sister and when they get to laughing, I see a joy that makes any hardship in mothering completely worth it.

Reading Dr. Seuss' ABCs to Grandpa

Hannah, my precious daughter, you are a delight and joy to my life. Your presence in this family is irreplaceable. The joy you have brought Daddy, Julia and me can’t even be described. This last year has been amazing and we look forward to many, many more years.

3 Responses to "My Hannah, My Precious"

What a sweet sweet post. I love that she enjoys or wants food so badly she grunts, what a cute girl!

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[…] Hannah turned 1 two weeks ago. It was an amazing time of fellowship with our friends and family. Having her turn 1 seems far more surreal than with Julia. Now that Hannah is getting older, that just means Julia is getting even older. A very bittersweet feeling. As for The Bear, she’s a walking machine. From her first step, it took her a few weeks to really gain confidence – but now – now she wiggles out of my arms until I put her down so she can walk. She refuses to wear shoes, which doesn’t surprise me in the least given Julia’s original reaction to them. […]

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