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I always wear a ponytail. Well, maybe not always, but most every day. Yet they tend to get a little boring over time and don’t seem to be all that feminine and chic. I’ve experimented with the “poof” and currently I’m on the side ponytail kick. This weekend I decided to give it a little summer look by adding a cute flower:

All you need is a silk flower {real ones tend to wilt rapidly in the heat – especially when in your hair}, some hot glue and a button pin.

Put hot glue on the back of the flower, then glue the pin {needle facing you} to the flower. Allow to dry/cool completely. Once you’re ready to use, pull your hair back and stick the pin through a small section next to your ponytail holder {you could also stick it into the ponytail holder itself}.

Spring is wonderful. While I admit fall is my favorite season, there is something so promising about spring. The winter is over, the snow has melted, flowers begin to bloom, the windows are up (which means music is playing), birds begin chirping and my birthday is close.

Yesterday I played music from “French cafe radio” station on Pandora and I realized, “What’s classic spring music?” I personally love listening to Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Alison Krauss during the spring. But what about you?

What is your favorite spring music?

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