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My Own Personal Fashion Week

Posted on: September 14, 2010

{Ladies, I wanted to thank you for cheering me on for this weekend. It’s an exciting adventure for me and I know once I’m there I’ll chillax.}

As Jonathan was helping me pull together my clothes for New York this weekend, I realized – Sometimes you just need a girl’s opinion. Then I had a brilliant idea. Why not take pictures of my top ten outfits and get your opinions? Hello Fashion Show!

{Let me just preface this now – not all the photos are top quality, that’s what I get for not having someone behind the camera.}

Outfit #1 – Morning Casual

Here we have Morning Casual – your basic jeans and tank. Perfect for grabbing coffee and a walk through Central Park.

Outfit #2 – Flirty Dress

Here we have the Flirty Dress. A cute number that is breezy and light.

Outfit #3 – Casual Dress

Here we have the Casual Dress. The Casual Dress gives you a cute, but relaxed, look. It’s jazzed up easily with a lightweight scarf.

Outfit #4 – Hip Leggings

Here we have Hip Leggings. Pair a set of leggings {either ankle or calf length} with a shorter dress and add a belt for a fashionable look.

Outfit #5 – Black and White Leggings

Here we have Black and White Leggings. Pair a set of calf length leggings with a dressier black and white top. Finish off with black flats {not shown}.

Outfit #6 – Rockstar Chic

Here we have Rockstar Chic. A cute and playful plaid tunic set with skinny jeans.

Outfit #7 – Shimmery Nights

Here we have Shimmery Nights. A great shimmer cowl neck top matched with dark skinny jeans. Perfect for a night out in the Big Apple. Match with awesomely great high heels {shown here}.

Outfit #8 – Old Faithful

Here we have Old Faithful. Nothing is a better standby than a white top and bootcut jeans. Shown here with brown belt.

Outfit # 9 – Old Faithful with a twist

Here we have Old Faithful without the brown belt. In it’s place we have a lightweight crinkle blue scarf.

Outfit #10 – YOU CHOOSE!

Ok ladies, here’s where I need your help. Which outfit was a must and which was a bust? What would you mix and match? What would you add or remove?

Visit Oh Amanda for more Top Ten Tuesday.

19 Responses to "My Own Personal Fashion Week"

How creative! #5 has a very cute top! I will let others help out on actual choosing! πŸ™‚

Oh, so many cute things!! Keep shimmery top for sure…want that for dinner…do you have black pants? Could wear #2 and 3 with leggings if weather is bit cooler. Like #4 and 9 – you look great in all of them!!! Let me know if you need any bags or shoes πŸ™‚

LOL, I think you are so cute. Here’s what a think:

I’m not loving #4.

I think that #3, #6, and #9 are my favorites!!!!

#7, #1, and #2 are after that! You are so adorable, it’s just a fact.

Now, I love the top in #5, but I’m iffy on the leggings? Maybe I’m just not that into leggings, since those are the only two pics I call into question!

πŸ˜€ This was fun.

P.S. did I miss the memo…what’s happening in NYC?

I’m going on a girls weekend with some friends from college! πŸ™‚

I love #3 and #9!

I am not loving #5 and I think the top with #6 would look better with the leggings.

Not sure how qualified I am to give fashion advice though lol. Great Top 10!

Oh no! I am logged in wrong. Here is the link to my page if you wanted to look. http://mommythemaid.com/blog/?p=444

You are so adorable. Go back to your closet and get some sleeves. It’s fall and it will likely be in the 60’s some part of each day. Even when it is in the 70’s you’ll want sleeves with the AC in restaurants and shops. Think layers. You’ve got a good start – but add more. I love all of the separates that you have – especially the skinny jeans. There are no mistakes in your choices once you add a warmer layer. And remember that the most important part of NYC packing is the comfortable shoes. And then another pair of comfortable shoes just in case the first pair isn’t as comfortable as you thought. Have big fun! Thanks for letting me play!

7 and 8 are my favorites, plus I like the dresses. (I’m not much into leggings or the top in #6, but that’s just me.) Overall, great choices! And you look adorable, how are you that skinny after two kids?!

You know I love you when I actually post on a blog…. I read it faithfully, but for some reason, I never post anything. Boo on that! It stops today!

Ok, don’t love 1, 2. Not because I don’t like them, just not for Manhattan. 4 is a little iffy, can’t decided if I like or not. LOVE the rest, agree that maybe shimmery top with black pants. SO sad we can’t see the shoes, I’m sure you have great ones for these outfits. Plus, YOU are adorable, so the clothes is just frosting…

I am SO excited for you and I know you are going to have a Wonderful time!! LOVE YOU!

Miss you already….

Love this post! You look amazing in all the pictures by the way.

I agree with whoever said you need some more layers, so maybe pulling out some cardigans that can go over some of the outfits you already have. I like the top in #5, but would say it’s a no with the leggings, since it’s shorter. I like the other outfit with leggings better since it’s the longer tunic style. I think your top should cover your butt when you wear leggings, even if you have a great butt πŸ™‚

cute idea πŸ™‚ i like your old faithful, old faithful with a twist, and casual dressy the best. night out shimmer is pretty too! would love to see the shoes! this is fun…i used to do this with my sisters all the time.

My favorites are #3 and 4. I also love your “old faithfuls” because they look comfortable but super cute. I’m very anti-fuss, so the belt and scarf seem like good ways to cute-up something simple. I also like the top in #5 but am with Alicia M about the leggings rule. Maybe with black skinny jeans?

You look super cute and I’m sure you will totally blend in with the hip natives!

I LOVE #4.. perfect for New York.. give me some tips! I need help! Ihead out that way in 3 weeks! EEK

Loved them all! Here would be my weekend πŸ™‚
#3- plane ride there
#2, #4, #8- awesome for shopping, lunch, sight seeing
#5- fancier lunch or day/ evening outing
#5- night out
#9 plane ride home

Of course I would bring them all, and proabably more, but I am a bit of an over packer πŸ™‚ I hope you have loads of fun and relaxation! You deserve it!

Ones I love the most:
#7 – agree with the black pants idea circulating, but I think they’re totally cute with the skinny jeans. Now that I think about it, the skinny jeans always highlight great heels better than a bootcut pant (which black pants usually are) … so go with the jeans! Looking hot.

#8 – a great daytime look, especially with some brightly colored/patterned flats to give the look a bit more color. Maybe even a little more jewelry, some flashy earring, perhaps?

#4 – as someone said earlier, you’re gonna need to have some more layers, so this would be an easy one to throw a cardigan with (as well as #8) – a long cardigan would be cute, too. Maybe just add a long necklace with some sort of pendant to hang down and give the top a little more interest. It’s super cute…

A few notes:

#5 – I do think the top needs to be longer if you’re gonna wear leggings. But, if you paired the top with those skinny jeans, or had a cardigan long enough to cover the butt, that would be cute.

#1 – the super casual look is cute… but as someone said, you’ll probably be freezing in just a tank top, so maybe do the skinny jeans and add a cardigan? (I think everything is cuter with a cardigan. I have about 15 long, “grandpa sweaters” that I wear with everything.

You’re gonna be adorable and have a blast… And hello? You look as good as you did in college! Nobody’ll believe you’re the mama of two! Have fun!

Neat idea! Although I don’t know how note worthy my opinions may be on this, I am playing anyway. *wink*

My favorite is #7 on you.

As far as the leggings go, I think #4 looks better than #5.

Also, #9 over #8.

The dress in #3 is fabulous! My vote for #10 would be another dress! πŸ™‚

Have fun!

[…] Behind the name My Own Personal Fashion Week […]

The #2 dress is super cute! Great for day or night! I also love the other dress too…but make sure you have a little jacket or sweater if it gets chilly. Anything with scarves or belts is great cuz with a little change you have a brand new look. It is getting a little cooler here, so i would definitely make sure you have layers. And I second the comfy shoes. You’ll walk a mile before you realize it. Can’t wait to see you!

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