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Braided Headband – Let’s Get Creative

Posted on: August 1, 2011

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I’ve always asserted that I am not creative. You know those people who can look at two pieces of fabric and see a beautiful dress? Yeah, that’s not me. Or those people who plan months in advance for their Christmas card, which turns out to be the best card of the season? Again, not me.

But, Jodi at Life and Oh-La-Dee-Dah has been challenging her readers to do something creative, whatever it may be, throughout the day or week. Every time she shows her way fun creations {or re-creations} I think “I really should do something” and promptly think it’ll be too hard. You know, since I’m not creative.

Friday I came across this headband on pinterest ::

{photo credit}

And I found myself thinking “That is so cute, I wish I could do that”, and sighed with defeat. But, the June Cleaver in me decided to toss caution to the wind and just make the headband. If it didn’t turn out, what do I have to loose? Fabric. That’s it.

So I went to town. I grabbed three different sheets of scrap fabric and started cutting, braiding and sewing. I decided to only make one band instead of two, because I’ve found that the bigger the headband the less likely it is to stand in my hair.

Here’s the end result ::

I liked it so much I made one for both girls and another one for me {that is red and black}. Maybe I will take on Jodi’s creativity challenge.

What creative things have you done recently? 

8 Responses to "Braided Headband – Let’s Get Creative"

This is super cute!! I think you did a great job!

Very Cute! It is fun just to make something fun every once in a while. I haven’t done that much since having the girls but maybe some day soon! Thanks for the encouragement! 😉

Ooohh… way cute headband! I love it.

I’m with you. My problem is, I have a very creative mind. I can think up all kinds of really creative projects, but bringing them to life is where I stumble and fall. So I often just do the creative thinking and let someone else figure out how to make it happen. Then I sit back and get angry with myself for lacking the know-how. It’s something I need to challenge myself on more often. After all, I can’t learn if I don’t DO. Maybe I should take the challenge too. If nothing else, it’ll give me a few blog posts, right? 🙂


I LOVE it!! Seriously, now I’m going to make one myself. 🙂 haha! Way to channel your inner June Cleaver! 🙂

Thanks guys! I was pretty excited with how easy it was and how cute it turned out. Made me a little less afraid of flexing my creative muscles. 😉

Way to go Sarah it’s adorable and just might inspire me to try something I found on some random website for our entryway but a trip to a craft store will be necessary….so we’ll see. Unfortunately big craft stores (like Michael’s) aren’t in the city so it’s about a 25 minute drive. But, you and Jodi are inspiring me!

That looks great. I love it.

[…] making my braided headband, I’ve been trying to really flex my crafty muscles. Be it in the kitchen or something for the […]

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