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Flexing My Crafty Skills

Posted on: August 11, 2011

Since making my braided headband, I’ve been trying to really flex my crafty muscles. Be it in the kitchen or something for the house, I am keeping an eye out for what will be a fun little project or adventure.

Recently on Pinterest, I came across this cute idea of turning an unused picture frame into a dry erase board.

{photo credit}

The original idea for the board is to be used as a to-do list or menu. I already have a menu/to-do list board, but still really love this idea. I thought it would be really cute as a message board for the girls in their room.

Being the non-scrapbooker, I had no cute paper on hand {which is what the site suggests using}, but I did/do have cute fabric. And I scored double that the fabric goes with the girls’ color scheme.

We always ask the girls “How much do we love you?” and it is met with the reply “too, too much.” I thought it only appropriate to have that as our first message on the board. The fun part is, as the girls get older and start writing, we can turn it into a real “message board” and write notes to each other.

It was super easy to make and allowed me to try something new with low risk {helping me build those crafty muscles!}.

What crafty things have you done lately?

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11 Responses to "Flexing My Crafty Skills"

looks lovely and what a great message to your girls 🙂 you inspired me I will try to make one myself. I have a piece of beautiful wrapping paper lying arround that i saved from a gift and never knew what to do with – it’s perfect for this project, thanks 🙂

Neat idea! No unused picture frames, but when I do have one, this would be a easy DIY.

Sarah, I think this is so cool! I’m already scheming about when I can get to the craft store to make one of these for myself! I think I would use it as a menu board…I think it would be cheery touch to the kitchen!

Ooo this is so cute and what a sweet wau to use the board! Way to flex those muscles! Between you and Jodi Im ready for a little craft store run. Cant wait to see your next project.

Great job! I love the colors!

I love this idea, and I, too, need to “flex my crafty muscles” badly. I think I’d use it for a menu board; we could use one. Plus, I love your sweet message to your girls. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

I love this!!! What a great idea! I love your first message….so sweet!

What a great idea, I love it! 🙂

so sweet! get your craft on, girl 🙂 visiting from diaperdiaries TILT. 🙂

I have seen this in the past and thought it was such a cute idea…unfortunately I lack the space to make and display one of my own…so as we (hubby, daughter and I ) share a bathroom…we us our bathroom mirrors to write love notes, draw pictures and make reminder lists for one another. My little girl is 7 and just loves to find her notes on the mirrors….we leave the dry erase markers on the counter…different visitors and family members enjoy adding their own notes to our sometimes elaborate picture messages!

You did such a great job. This is really adorable!

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