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I’ve never been accused of being fashion forward. Though, in my own defense, I did buy a chambray shirt back at the beginning of the fall before it became all “cool”. Granted, I never called it a chambray {and still don’t}, and I bought it purely because I like it and not because I had somehow gotten word of it’s impending coolness. But whatevs.

Anyways, I’ve heard about hair chalking for a while. The idea is intriguing; putting chalk in you hair {mainly at the ends} to give it a pop of color. I’ve gone back and forth on trying it and finally decided yesterday to drop the $12 and give it a whirl.



I gave the Pop Pink a try. The directions say to apply to dry hair. I tried that, but frankly had little success. It just made my ends look really dull, not pink. I decided to try it with wet hair. This time the chalk went on smoother, seemed brighter, but once the dust settled, still proved to be more dull than bright.


As the morning has gone on, my house is being covered in a layer of pop pink dust, my hands look as though I played in pink sidewalk chalk, and my hair looks dull. The chalk isn’t holding to my hair like I wanted at all. Kinda a bust {which, while a synonym for pop, is not quite the bust/pop I was going for}.

I considered taking back the chalk, but seeing that my two attempts at chalking used up more than I expected, I’ll have to eat the cost and keep the chalk for Julia and Hannah to use for special dress up days.

Ah, c’est la vie. I’m glad I tried it. I guess if I’m actually wanting to go for colored tips, I’m better off dying them.

I’d love to hear any fun fashionable things y’all have tried lately.