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Maternity Swimsuits – Works for Me?

Posted on: June 8, 2011

Add me to the ranks of women who don’t like swimsuit shopping. Perhaps second only to jean shopping in the do-I-really-have to category. But, with an expanding belly and a one piece that won’t quite do the trick anymore, I found myself last weekend at Target hunting down a swimsuit.

Truth be known, shopping for a swimsuit while pregnant doesn’t quite help with any self-esteem issues you might have. I just had to remind myself that 1) there’s a reason I need this size 2) the reason will be way cute/worth it come November. I decided to stick with something plain-ish that would grow with me and not fall off when the girls grab on to me. After five tries and a coin toss, this is what I went with:

It’s hard to tell, since I’m sitting down, but the bottoms are plain black. The sides are ruched, making it look cute and fitted now with room to expand by August/September. The back is a racerback, making it feel a lot like a sports bra – which makes it so incredibly comfortable. Overall, it’s a win.

Do you dread swimsuit shopping? Have you ever shopped for a maternity suit?

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13 Responses to "Maternity Swimsuits – Works for Me?"

You look cute! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m still in a post-baby swimsuit, but may need a new one towards the end of summer…:)
Seriously, any sort of clothes shopping when you’re pregnant can be hard on your self-esteem…but believe me, you look FABULOUS.
P.S. New comment system! How do you like it?

I was borrowing a suit from my friend and it was working for now, but I knew it wouldn’t for much longer {would always ride up when I got in the water}.

As for the new comment system, it seems like it’s pretty easy {though your comment went into my “moderate” pile for some reason}.

Its SO cute, you are SO cute! I hear ya on swimsuit and jean shopping. Though I actually enjoyed shopping for maternity clothes because I needed a spring wardrobe as I came to Seattle with mostly summer clothing! But now, after 2.5 years here Im still in need of (nonmaternity) spring clothes. And I need a bathing suit for Texas and am thinking of buying online, anyone have experience with that?

The new comment section is fancy.

I’ve never bought any clothes online. Shocking, I know. I usually browse and then go buy it in the store. I have heard really awesome things about Land’s End swimsuit collection. That you can get pretty cute, reasonably priced stuff. Also, I found this to be a handy guide:


It’s all pretty common sense, but I thought about it while I was shopping for my suit.

That is so cute! You made a great choice.

My maternity swimsuit is my favorite swimsuit! I got lucky with it b/c it was the only one I had to try on. You look very cute Sarah!

You look very cute!

I had a similar experience shopping for a swimsuit a few weeks ago. I ended up with a tankini that is actually pretty cute and I’m hoping it’ll last through the summer. I also got a pair of swimming shorts, since my thighs like to expand to accomodate my growing belly. I’ll have a chance to test it all out next week.

It’s very cute! Believe it or not–I have four kids and it wasn’t until baby #3 that I needed a maternity suit (because of the timing–not because I was one of the bikini-clad pregnant women, or because I gained 6 pounds while pregnant!)

My expectations were soooo low that the experience wasn’t too traumatic. Plus, the suit was pretty cute and was cut in such a way that it evened out my permanent-halter-tanline I’d been sporting for a few years.

Your suit is very cute!

Thanks for the super sweet comments ladies! Makes me feel even better about my choice. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just spent 3 hours at the pool this morning and must say the suit gets better and better as I wear it.

What an adorable swimsuit! You look fantastic. Seriously! ๐Ÿ™‚

Many blessings,

Oh you look so cute!! That swimsuit looks so good on you!!

Love it! So cute! Love that you factored in that your girls will be pulling on it!

I will agree with all your lady commenters. I cute suit and a beautiful woman. I like your reasoning for the suit too. Shows you are not worried but comfortable in your pregnancy. Congratulations!

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