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Blame it on Pregnancy Brain

Posted on: June 7, 2011

Top Ten {Tuesday}Lately, I’ve been mid-sentence when I forget what…. um, um… oh, what I was going to say. Last night, Jonathan and I went out for a date. It was a work function of sorts, and I had the chance to meet a few of his co-workers. I also met the CEO of his company. In a shining moment of pregnancy, after the introduction was made, I knew {just knew} I was suppose to know this man, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember. Then, it went off like a light bulb and I blurted out “Your wife just had a baby!” really loud. Yeah, that was nice. And that is mild compared to the other things I forget. Like:

1. Buying two yards of fabric and that have magically disappeared. {Update: I just found the fabric, rolled up and tucked into the girls’ closet. Who knows.}

2. Using a pair of scissors, remembering to put them back, and they are now gone. 

3. Looking at our daily menu multiple times a day because I can’t remember what I’m suppose to make.

4. Meeting a wonderful lady and her two adorable kids at the pool before leaving for vacation and then forgetting I ever met her. *sheepish face*

5. Going to the grocery store for 2 {TWO!} items and forgetting why I went.

6. Calling the girls “Jul-Han-Mab-Mic, hey kid!” because I can’t get their names straight.

7. Being absolutely convinced that it’s Monday, when it’s really Wednesday, but actually Thursday.

8. Standing in the grocery aisle trying to remember what is more $.162 per ounce or $.167. 

9. Having schooltime that sounds like “This is red. I mean, green. No, no, really, it’s blue. Sorry Hannah.”

10. Sending an email to a friend on Thursday, only to see this morning that it never got sent {though I swear it did}.

I’d say things will go back to normal once Baby Three arrives, but I know things will just get worse for a while as sleep deprivation sets in and then I really won’t remember anything.

Have you ever suffered from pregnancy brain? Or nursing brain? Or just old brain? Whew.

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15 Responses to "Blame it on Pregnancy Brain"

Oh, Sarah. I bet Baby #3 will come out extra good since you’re concentrating so hard on growing him/her!

Pregnancy brain always makes me laugh. My epic pregnancy brain was sad … just sad. I don’t usually post links to my blog in comments, BUT this story might make you laugh.


I’ve since gotten a new batch of kefir grains and am doing just fine. So your brain will come back. Granted I do write on the jars that I store my grains in with big black permanent marker – DO NOT THROW AWAY. NOT COCONUT MILK! 😉

Leigh Ann, that post was hilarious! I’m certain I’ve had quite a few of those moments myself! 🙂

HA!!! I’m finally vIndicated on the name changes!! I know who each of you are Marsa, I mean Sarah. And no, that part of your brain never gets better. Only worse with more children.

Or age! 🙂

Ooo I can only imagine pregnancy brain plus chasing and teaching two toddlers. Wait is Julia a toddler anymore? When does a kid stop being a toddler? Okay I’m off topic.

My new momma brain was terrible with names. I’d call Chris Archer or one of our nicknames for him, I still call Ellie the dog Archer and often talk to her like I talk to him. How about leaving stuff EVERYwhere (or thinking I do) and then finding it in my pocket or right where it should. But, the other day I found the monitor in the pantry, must have set it down in there while cooking.

If I remember correctly {so, you know, I probably don’t} I think J became a “preschooler” when she turned 3. It’s 1-3.

I’ve found items in really odd places and have to just assume there was a reason I put them there. 😉

Hahaha…ah yes…pregnancy brain. For me, it wasn’t just pregnancy brain either…my ability to judge the distance of my surroundings was way off. More than once I remember smacking my growing belly with the car door when I’d get out and turn to shut the door. It was always quite painful. Thankfully not damaging to my unborn children!

But, you definitely need to give yourself a break, because I think pregnancy brain is much worse when you already have young children that you need to care for while being pregnant. There’s just so much to keep track of, plan for, and think about.

Always praying for you… 🙂

Many blessings,

Boy do I ever! I feel like I have had pregnancy brain ever since I was pregnant! 😉 Unfortunately foggy brain is one of the most frustrating symptoms of having my thyroid disease. When ever I am off I can tell by how bad my brain is doing. You will make it and the kids will not be worse for the wear!

It’s nice to know I’m the no the only one who’s forgetting things! Thankfully it’s never been one of the girls. Hahaha! 🙂 🙂

This reminded me of a friend. She has 4 children. Right after the 4th was born, they took a trip to Target. After unloading everyone out of the SUV and getting a cart, they began walking into the store. Then, her 2nd oldest said, “Ummm, Mom aren’t you going to get Jasper?” She had forgotten to get her newest addition loaded up into the cart as well. ha! So if you do forget a girl, it will be ok. You can go back and retriever her. 😉

#7 is my favorite 🙂
Pregnancy brain never went away for me. Or maybe it’s just nursing brain now, who knows.

Oh my. I think it’s just plain ole “momma brain” now! One of my good friends says that God takes a part of your brain to make a baby, so I figure that memory isn’t coming back (for me at least!). I can definitely relate to this list!

Wow, I’d say I suffer from old brain, cause I’m always that bad, but it gets worse?? :O
I’d hate to think what I would be like with old brain, AND baby brain. LOL
Hope it gets better for ya!


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