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Top Ten {Tuesday}Lately, I’ve been mid-sentence when I forget what…. um, um… oh, what I was going to say. Last night, Jonathan and I went out for a date. It was a work function of sorts, and I had the chance to meet a few of his co-workers. I also met the CEO of his company. In a shining moment of pregnancy, after the introduction was made, I knew {just knew} I was suppose to know this man, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember. Then, it went off like a light bulb and I blurted out “Your wife just had a baby!” really loud. Yeah, that was nice. And that is mild compared to the other things I forget. Like:

1. Buying two yards of fabric and that have magically disappeared. {Update: I just found the fabric, rolled up and tucked into the girls’ closet. Who knows.}

2. Using a pair of scissors, remembering to put them back, and they are now gone. 

3. Looking at our daily menu multiple times a day because I can’t remember what I’m suppose to make.

4. Meeting a wonderful lady and her two adorable kids at the pool before leaving for vacation and then forgetting I ever met her. *sheepish face*

5. Going to the grocery store for 2 {TWO!} items and forgetting why I went.

6. Calling the girls “Jul-Han-Mab-Mic, hey kid!” because I can’t get their names straight.

7. Being absolutely convinced that it’s Monday, when it’s really Wednesday, but actually Thursday.

8. Standing in the grocery aisle trying to remember what is more $.162 per ounce or $.167. 

9. Having schooltime that sounds like “This is red. I mean, green. No, no, really, it’s blue. Sorry Hannah.”

10. Sending an email to a friend on Thursday, only to see this morning that it never got sent {though I swear it did}.

I’d say things will go back to normal once Baby Three arrives, but I know things will just get worse for a while as sleep deprivation sets in and then I really won’t remember anything.

Have you ever suffered from pregnancy brain? Or nursing brain? Or just old brain? Whew.

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