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Tee Turned Tank – Try New Adventures

Posted on: May 3, 2012

Tuesday night, while the girls ate dinner, I scanned through Pinterest. I came across this fun little number ::

{Pinterest via Lacy Melville}

It really took me longer to pick out a shirt to practice on than it did make. But I finally chose this one. It’s a favorite of mine, that I’ve had for a couple of years. The neck is a bit stretched out, which made it a good choice ::

Making the tank is super, super easy.

1. Cut off the sleeves at the hem.

2. Cut straight across the top just under the collar.

3. Cut off the bottom hem.

4. Cut one more .5″ strip off the bottom {you’ll use this for your straps}.

You sew a straight line across the front top and front back at the collar line. Here’s an example from the original blogger ::

Honestly, I didn’t even pin my shirt. Lazy, right? But that’s what happens when you start a crafting project right before the kids’ bedtime and the youngins start melting down. Not my smartest idea.

Once you have your stitches done, thread your straps through. This did take a little time, but once I hooked the strap onto a crochet needle, I was able to push it through with little trouble.

{Sorry for the low quality photo – Jon left for work before I could get him to take it. Yay for bathroom pictures, right?}

Seriously, this was such an easy project. And the top has been given a whole new life!

What new projects have you been doing?

Visit Alicia at Alicia’s Homemaking for more Try New Adventures Thursday.

12 Responses to "Tee Turned Tank – Try New Adventures"

Oh my goodness…so cute! You are looking adorable these days, mama! No baby weight…amazing. 🙂

Thanks lady! 🙂

AGREE! You look so awesome, shiny bangs and all! How did you get your hair so shiny?? I know you’re skinny from running, so I won’t even ask.

You might hate me for this… but my hair is naturally a bit shiny. Add in the hair color, some good bathroom lighting and BHAM! super shiny hair.

That’s awesome!! I have a ton of t-shirts that I never wear and almost just gave away. Thanks for the inspiration. And oh my goodness, your hair is awesome!

I’m ready to cut up half my shirts! Maybe it’s the warm weather, but I love me a good tank top and if it’s an old favorite shirt? Double score! And thanks! I’m loving having bangs.

It turned out great!! It does look easy, but only if I knew how to sew. So sad I don’t since my mom was a seamstress for awhile. :\ Maybe I’ll have Jodi teach me.

What a cute project! I’ll chime in with another beautiful momma comment too! You are glowing, and I’ll guess it’s at least partly due to some good time in the sun.

Thanks! Yes, I’m working hard on my tan already. 😉

What a cute idea!! I’m sooo not crafty so this project is really amazing to me! So cute!!

AH! gonna have to try this. I have some tshirts that are too big for me and this could turn them into something cute!

I am physically incapable of taking bathroom pictures. What’s wrong with me?

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