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This week’s Try New Adventure isn’t about what I’ve tried, but what Julia did.

We go to the pool a shameful amount. After all, it’s free and the weather is hot. There is an amazing kiddie pool, that is about 1.5 feet deep {as well as a normal pool}. We typically go during the mid-morning and stay till naptime. As the weeks go on, the girls have gotten more and more confident in the water. Hannah will jump off the edge {whether you’re there to catch her or not} and Julia will dive under for several seconds.

But this past Tuesday, Julia started swimming.

She’s been hanging on the edge, then will push off towards me. She’s not actually swimming, but at least getting confidence in not holding on to me or the wall for a few seconds. We got out the pool noodle and the girls were jumping off the edge, onto the noodle while I stood there to catch them. I exampled to Julia how she could balance herself on the noodle and “swim” on her own. She was doubtful at first, but finally tried it.

Next thing I knew, she was swimming. Of course, she was balancing herself on the noodle {to support her upper body} and I was in front with my hands out in case she needed help. But the girl did it. She swam all over the pool.

It was awesome.

She was so incredibly proud of herself. At one point she said “I can’t wait to tell Daddy. He’ll be so proud of me!” He was. And so I am.

What new adventures have you tried? Or even your kiddos?

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I’m not sure about where you live, but here in Texas summer has fully arrived. While, maybe Texas summer hasn’t arrived, but summer by most normal standards. The high today is 90. N-i-n-e-t-y. Riiiight. I forgot that part of the deal when I signed up to move back here. Summers get hot. It starts in March. Ends in November.

During college I wore a lot of skirts and tank tops. But two and a half kids later, piecing together several different coordinated outfits doesn’t seem too feasible for me {unless of course, they are Gymboree hand-me-downs from my awesome SIL}. And so my love of dresses is renewed a little earlier this year.

As my stomach expands, I’m going to need to add in a few flowing dresses and transition out my fitted ones. Here are my favorite options:

Old Navy Ruffled Linen-Blend Sundress in Coral Tropics {Notice the empire waist? Much needed}

Old Navy Floral Print Jersey Dress in Blue Print {How delicate and pretty is this?!}

Merona Maternity Ruffle neck Dress in Purple {Let’s face, I’m probably gonna need to “bump” up come June}

Old Navy Ruffled-Yoke Jersey Dress in Blue Typhoon {This just speaks “cute and comfy”}

Mossimo Cami Maxi Dress in Avalon Sea {Though I’m weary of spaghetti straps}

Old Navy Flower-Graphic Tank Dress in Black Jack {Simple yet way cute}

A Pea in the Pod Sleeveless Rosette Dress in Charcoal {Very beautiful, very impractical, very expensive}

Motherhood Sleeveless Ruffled Dress in Green/Pink Floral {This looks so sweet and innocent}

Anthropologie Pangaea Silk Dress {So feminine, so silky, so, so expensive}

Merona Carey Dress in Ebony {I actually am ordering this to wear in my high school best friend’s wedding in late May}

Do you have any summer dresses that you’ve been eyeing? Any good maternity dress suggestions?

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