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Our first week of summer has seen daily trips to the pool that leave the smell of sunscreen and chlorine lingering in the air.

I love summer.

But, I haven’t always. Texas summers are hot, leaving you sticky and oppressed by the heat. Yet, lately I’ve grown to love it. This aroma that is summer.

The aroma of days filled with sunshine long after kids are in bed, giving you time to enjoy good company and a drink.

FletcherSummerPatioThe aroma of relaxed Friday nights at the park.

MamaJuliaCowboyHatThe aroma of cool-air libraries offering reprieve from the heat and enticing you with long-waited-for reads.

LarssonBookThe aroma of summer to me is undeniable. It smells of pool water, frozen treats, laughter among friends and late nights that lead to lazy mornings. The aroma is intoxicating and fills you with a happiness that lasts as long after the sun sets.

This week’s Try New Adventure isn’t about what I’ve tried, but what Julia did.

We go to the pool a shameful amount. After all, it’s free and the weather is hot. There is an amazing kiddie pool, that is about 1.5 feet deep {as well as a normal pool}. We typically go during the mid-morning and stay till naptime. As the weeks go on, the girls have gotten more and more confident in the water. Hannah will jump off the edge {whether you’re there to catch her or not} and Julia will dive under for several seconds.

But this past Tuesday, Julia started swimming.

She’s been hanging on the edge, then will push off towards me. She’s not actually swimming, but at least getting confidence in not holding on to me or the wall for a few seconds. We got out the pool noodle and the girls were jumping off the edge, onto the noodle while I stood there to catch them. I exampled to Julia how she could balance herself on the noodle and “swim” on her own. She was doubtful at first, but finally tried it.

Next thing I knew, she was swimming. Of course, she was balancing herself on the noodle {to support her upper body} and I was in front with my hands out in case she needed help. But the girl did it. She swam all over the pool.

It was awesome.

She was so incredibly proud of herself. At one point she said “I can’t wait to tell Daddy. He’ll be so proud of me!” He was. And so I am.

What new adventures have you tried? Or even your kiddos?

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A few weeks back, Leah posted about her strawberry patch and beginning harvest. Since she’s had such abundance she’s been sharing with all her friends. She gave me a call one morning to tell me I could come pick some strawberries if I’d like. Oh yeah. We headed over after naps. I spent all of 15 minutes picking berries and came home with this:

Funny enough, that’s actually only half of what I picked. For every 2 I put in, Julia ate 3. I’m not even joking. Notice the quickly abandoned graham cracker at the bottom of the strainer? I’d given it to her at the beginning as bribe for not eating the berries. It didn’t work.

Once we got home, the Windhamettes and I sat outside in the hot summer air eating fresh picked strawberries and whipped cream.

Hannah was especially delighted.