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Our first week of summer has seen daily trips to the pool that leave the smell of sunscreen and chlorine lingering in the air.

I love summer.

But, I haven’t always. Texas summers are hot, leaving you sticky and oppressed by the heat. Yet, lately I’ve grown to love it. This aroma that is summer.

The aroma of days filled with sunshine long after kids are in bed, giving you time to enjoy good company and a drink.

FletcherSummerPatioThe aroma of relaxed Friday nights at the park.

MamaJuliaCowboyHatThe aroma of cool-air libraries offering reprieve from the heat and enticing you with long-waited-for reads.

LarssonBookThe aroma of summer to me is undeniable. It smells of pool water, frozen treats, laughter among friends and late nights that lead to lazy mornings. The aroma is intoxicating and fills you with a happiness that lasts as long after the sun sets.

I’m pretty awesome for how often I don’t blog (what I really wanted to title this post). Can I even say I’m a blogger? Not sure what qualifies a person as a true blogger. And if I’ve dropped off that list all together. Whatevs.

Julia’s graduating from preschool on Wednesday.  I don’t even want to talk about it. (*silent sobs*)

JuliaGraduationJack really is a horse dog.

HannahAndJackThis kid cracks me up.


Jonathan, Fletcher, John and I went to see The Lumineers at the end of April. It was awesome. But not nearly as awesome as us.


This guy. Love him.

JonathanSummer starts in 6 days. Crazy.

The kids and I have already started working on our tans. Hannah has us all beat.

The guys and I have two more kick butt concerts planned (Of Monsters and MenMumford and Sons. Don’t worry, you can be jealous.)

Then heading to Annapolis to visit Jesse and Shelly (and their not-so-little-bambinas!).

Jonathan and I will celebrate 8 crazy, beautiful years of marriage July 30th.

I leave for a 8-day mission trip to London August 2nd.

And finally, Julia starts kindergarten in late August. (*loud sobs*)


What are your summer plans? Traveling anywhere fun?

Since graduating from college, entering the work force and then having kids, the seasons all blur together. I never feel a real difference between spring and summer, summer and fall. Which in some ways is sorta sad, cause I remember looking forward to school breaks as glimpses of freedom and possibilities of crazy adventures.

For the first time in 8 years, I’m getting a summer break. The girls finish school next week. Can I just tell you how excited I am? Part of me thought that I might dread summer break – the endless hot Texas days {I still have nightmares of last summer’s heat}. But, as the temperatures rise and our end of school schedule has gotten totally hectic, I’m dreaming of slow days by the pool, trips to the park and taking hours to get ready for the day. It also helps not being pregnant – turns out the heat isn’t nearly as bad.

My brother is spending the summer with us, working with Jonathan. We have several fun trips planned this summer and I’m playing bridesmaid in two weddings for two of my favorite people in the world. I think this may prove to be my favorite summer yet.

Have you started your summering planning?


Countless times, I’ve started a post this week, only to erase it. You see, I tend not to write {or twitter or facebook} in the midst of challenge. And well, our A/C gave out this weekend. So in my little world, this week has been a real challenge. Being 8 months pregnant, in Texas, during the hottest recorded summer, is not the time to have your A/C go kaput. And while most of America is getting ready for fall, we had 4 record high days out of 5 during our A/C fiasco. Oh, that crazy Texas.

The house temp right after the repairman left. Awe-some.

But you know what? Our family is blessed beyond blessed. After the A/C died on Saturday, we stayed with some friends that live on our street. Because the repairs to the A/C required speciality parts, the repairman wasn’t able to fix the unit until last night. For 5 nights and 4 days, our friends graciously housed us. It was a really wonderful time. Our kids are all close in age, so they thought our stay was a constant party. The adults got a chance to learn even more about each other and grow in our friendship. And if you don’t think our friends are awesome just for letting us stay with them, they actually still like us by the end of it {which just goes to show how great they really are!}.

By 5pm on Wednesday, our A/C was back up and running. It took through the night before the house completely cooled off. But, Jonathan and I were laughing before bed about how 82* seems cool compared to 90*+, especially when there’s air blowing in the house. Though, part of me is a little temped to turn the air down to the low 60’s just because I can.


I’m ever so happy to have a cool house again. What “fun” adventures have you had this week? 


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