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In September of last year, I started a development program with our church, The Austin Stone. The program is a year long training to equip women {and men} with biblical knowledge and truth. It was pretty intensive at times, but God grew and challenged me in ways I never imagined.

Part of the women’s development program is to participate in a mission trip. For the past several years, the program has worked with a mission organization in London, England. The women who go get to spend a week sharing the Gospel with Muslims in London.

Today, I am one of those women.

I am leaving for London in less than 2 hours. We will arrive early Saturday morning and launch into our training. Then we will spend the next 7 days loving and serving others and bringing them Good News. I am nervous and anxious, yet feeling peaceful and calm. An odd combination, I know.

The last month in preparing for my trip has been kind of a joke. If you can think of something that might possibly go wrong, and it’s gone wrong. This past week? Even more of a joke. I’ve lost my passport AND my driver’s license {thankfully my passport turned up. On a copier. At Kinko’s. My driver’s license is still missing}. I’ve felt more overwhelmed then excited as I have raced between prepping for the trip and spending the week in training for Julia’s school this fall. And speaking of Julia.. she is so upset that I am leaving, that she’s asked me several times to cancel the trip.

But you know what? God is proving to be the calm in my storm. A week before my trip and I was still $475 short of my funding. When the funding deadline came and went, I may have cried as I found myself grasping at straws on how to round up the remaining funds. Then, like I beacon of calm, my friend Adriane prompted me to start asking more people about helping. It was perhaps the last thing I wanted to do – it felt embarrassing and scary. But, I did it. I sent out more emails, called more people and God blessed. I truly didn’t expected it, but He pulled through the remaining $475 in two days. Two days. It blew me away.

So now my bags are packed, my passport is safely in my wallet {whew} and I am ready for my trip.

I don’t know what is going to happen over the next 9 days. I’ve laid all my expectations to the side and decided to let the Lord do as He wills. But, even though I don’t know what may happen, I know this :: God is in control. And He is always good and can always be trusted. 

When you read this, would you take a moment to pray for me? Pray for safety and godly wisdom. Pray for my family, who will go 9 whole days without their wife and mama {the longest time ever for the kids}. Pray for God’s glory to be known and for lives to be changed. Thanks my sweet friends. Your prayers mean a lot.

I’m pretty awesome for how often I don’t blog (what I really wanted to title this post). Can I even say I’m a blogger? Not sure what qualifies a person as a true blogger. And if I’ve dropped off that list all together. Whatevs.

Julia’s graduating from preschool on Wednesday.  I don’t even want to talk about it. (*silent sobs*)

JuliaGraduationJack really is a horse dog.

HannahAndJackThis kid cracks me up.


Jonathan, Fletcher, John and I went to see The Lumineers at the end of April. It was awesome. But not nearly as awesome as us.


This guy. Love him.

JonathanSummer starts in 6 days. Crazy.

The kids and I have already started working on our tans. Hannah has us all beat.

The guys and I have two more kick butt concerts planned (Of Monsters and MenMumford and Sons. Don’t worry, you can be jealous.)

Then heading to Annapolis to visit Jesse and Shelly (and their not-so-little-bambinas!).

Jonathan and I will celebrate 8 crazy, beautiful years of marriage July 30th.

I leave for a 8-day mission trip to London August 2nd.

And finally, Julia starts kindergarten in late August. (*loud sobs*)


What are your summer plans? Traveling anywhere fun?