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About two months ago, while I was visiting with my neighbor-friend Rachel, I realized: Sometimes a man’s job is better left to a woman. We were hanging out in her backyard with all our kiddos when she said she was planning to mow later that day. Being the non-mower in my marriage I thought that seemed a little odd, until Rachel said why: She wanted to do things that would normally be her husband’s task in order to free him up to spend more time with the family.

Sometimes a man’s job is better left to a woman:

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Since having that conversation with Rachel, I’ve started to look for ways to “free up” Jonathan. I have even gone so far as to clean out the garage {which is notoriously man’s land in our family} because I knew Jon wasn’t going to have the time to do it – but would stay up late just to get it finished. Aside from wanting to bless Jon, I admit, it is always pretty nice having him come home from work saying things like “Wow, the yard looks great!”, which is great motivation for this wifey-mama.

What are man jobs that you do?

A few weeks back, Leah posted about her strawberry patch and beginning harvest. Since she’s had such abundance she’s been sharing with all her friends. She gave me a call one morning to tell me I could come pick some strawberries if I’d like. Oh yeah. We headed over after naps. I spent all of 15 minutes picking berries and came home with this:

Funny enough, that’s actually only half of what I picked. For every 2 I put in, Julia ate 3. I’m not even joking. Notice the quickly abandoned graham cracker at the bottom of the strainer? I’d given it to her at the beginning as bribe for not eating the berries. It didn’t work.

Once we got home, the Windhamettes and I sat outside in the hot summer air eating fresh picked strawberries and whipped cream.

Hannah was especially delighted.

Today is Earth Day and for the last three days the girls and I have been prepping our garden and planting flowers and veggies. It has been a blast! There can’t be anything more fun than playing in dirt and water with little kids. I think Hannah has had a mud mustache since Tuesday.

The garden

Julia kindly watered. The same spot. Over and over again. By the time she was done we had a nice mud pond.

Hannah really loves the garden. Frankly, she just really loves being outside.

See the mud ‘stache in this next one? Maybe it’s more like a soul patch.

Because we have these two huge beautiful trees in our backyard we get nearly no sun. So this year, rather than try to have the crazy huge garden like last year, we planted “shade” vegetables – lettuce and broccoli.

Julia didn’t like my method of digging holes and adding seeds, she much preferred to dump the packet on the ground. Looks like we could have a lot of lettuce this year.

Here’s to a bountiful harvest. But even better – here’s to a summer spent outside with two of my favorite cuties!

I started my seeds this past Sunday, as that was my mental cutoff to time everything for the last frost. Part of me thinks we could have done everything sooner, but this still gives me between May 1 and May 15 to plant in-ground.

Here are some pictures:


Greenhouse, before adding seeds.

Greenhouse, before adding seeds.


Greenhouse, with seeds.

Greenhouse, with seeds.

So far, I’ve planted three varieties of tomatoes, green beans, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, onion and hybrid squash. I’m waiting for some more seeds from my friend, Margarita, in Texas. There is a plastic lid to cover the greenhouse for added protection. This is my first year to start from seed (usually I buy the plants from a local nursery) so I’m excited, but nervous, to see how everything turns out! Grow, little garden, grow!

Well, not yet. But soon enough!

I have picked up the items I need to start my greenhouse this week/weekend and can I just say I am pumped! 

I’ve still got some research to do (which will be what postpones my seed planting), as I shamefully admit I’ve never done a garden from seed. In the past I’ve cheated and got the seedlings already grown from a local garden shop. But this year I am venturing out and starting everything on my own. 

I’m wondering how this will all go once I’m 9 months preggo and can’t even see my feet, but I’m still moving forward with the plan because it will be a nice getaway (and money saver!).

I’ll start posting pictures once I get the ball rolling on everything.