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Top Ten {Tuesday} Usually Jonathan and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, since neither of us are big fan on the holiday. However, this year we decided to “celebrate”. I say celebrate loosely, because we didn’t go out last night, we didn’t even really acknowledge the day beyond a nice family dinner. But, there were some unexpected surprises that happened:

1. Flowers – Can I brag a minute? Jonathan does a wonderful job of bringing me flowers on a regular basis. However, typically speaking, he doesn’t bring me flowers on days that you’d expect – such as Valentine’s. So it was a complete surprise when he walked in with these:

2. Cupcakes – There is a fun little cupcake shop here in Austin – Hey Cupcake! Yesterday I splurged on their Luvcake for dessert. I’m fairly certain is fulfilled my caloric intake for a week, but it was worth every bite.

3. Balloons – In addition to my flowers, Jonathan brought home pink and white balloons for the girls. They loved them.

4. Dinner – I experimented with a rice and chicken dish for Valentine’s Day. We were all impressed with how great it tasted. Looks like we found a new favorite recipe {score!}.

5. Date – While we didn’t go out last night, we are going out tonight. Which means….

6. Dressing up – I get to wear this:

7. Clean house – Let’s face it, once kids are involved Valentine’s Day changes {along with everything else}. To have a clean house made my Valentine’s.

8. Spurs Game – Our family are big Spurs fans. They played the Nets last night and won. Needless to say, my husband was quite excited. Happy Valentine’s Jonathan!

9. Valentine’s Hater  No More – As I mentioned, I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. But as the girls are getting older, I’m starting to enjoy it. Aside from the balloons and cupcakes, the girls didn’t really celebrate – but I’m kind of looking forward to next year {and the years after} when we can really do something fun with them.

10. My Valentine – Jonathan is an amazing husband and father. He makes my life brighter, filled with laughter and joy. I can’t express just how grateful I am to be his wife {Love you babe!}.

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Six years ago today, Jonathan proposed. And it was beautiful, wonderful and worthy of little girl daydreams.


Our proposal site

As my college graduation celebration, Jonathan and I took a 5 week trip to Europe. On December 26th, we spent the day visiting the Louvre. When we left I was famished. So when Jonathan drug me down to the river, I was less than happy. He kept trying to look around, but I started getting pretty short with him. Finally he consented, told me to warm up at a local book shop while he found a place for us to eat. After dinner at a doner shop, walking through the Parisian culture of crepe stands, wine vendors and flowers shops, we headed back to the river. We got to Pont Neuf, meaning “New Bridge”, which divides the center of Paris. We walked down to the park area under the bridge and Jonathan asked me to sit down at the tip of park, to get the best view of the city. And this is where my true light shined. I complained about bird poop being all over the ground and refused to sit. Then, like some scene from a movie, Jonathan pulled out a bag full of rose petals and sprinkled them everywhere covering the ground. With a smile, he asked me if I’d sit now. Studded {because who carries around a bag of rose petals?!} I sat down. We took in the beautiful, city night lights, and talked about our lives, our love and what the future might look like. The entire time I kept thinking “Is he going to propose?! Don’t get your hopes up Sarah.” Then, abruptly, Jonathan says we should leave to find some place warm. As we stood up, Jonathan asked me what I wanted more than anything else in the world. And, like all good women, I said “Chocolate”. Ok, that was a weird answer. I was so nervous, because I wanted to say “You to propose!”, but didn’t want to look like a fool if he didn’t {because I was still convinced it wasn’t happening}. He laughed, got down on one knee and said “Sarah, will you marry me?”.

And you know the rest.

What’s amazing, is that Jonathan isn’t what you would classify as “romantic”. But let me tell you, when he does it, he knocks it out of the park!


{photo credit}

If there is one thing I love it is a big city. Chicago, Seattle, Boston, London, Paris. If there is one {American} city I love the most it is without doubt New York. Even as a little kid I just knew I would love New York. The people, the crowded subways, the hustle and bustle, the culture. It is an amazing city. Many years ago, Jonathan and I planned to move there. We even went so far as to check out real estate on one of our visits. But God called us to stay in Iowa {which we love and are so incredibly thankful for}. We decided that if we can’t move to New York, we needed to make sure we visited often.  We went every two years until Julia was born. Since 2007, neither of us have been back. Until now.

I leave today for New York. I’m visiting two of my girlfriends from college and another girlfriend from Iowa. I cannot wait. And yet part of me is a little nervous and sad. Aside from saying goodbye to my girls for the second time ever, I’ve travel only once to a big city without Jonathan. And never to New York without him. It’s not that I couldn’t, but I just don’t {and why would you go without your best friend?}. This is a new experience and adventure for me. One that has a bittersweetness to it. I’m looking forward so much to my time away, but I’m grateful that I can come back home to the warmth and love of my family.

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Today is Jonathan’s birthday. I have to say, I am truly amazed by his life. Sometimes I think of all the series of events that brought him this far, that have brought us together. It’s quite humbling and quite literally a God thing. Jonathan’s life is a true testimony of God calling out for the lost, long before the lost even know He is there. Jonathan’s life is a living example of true Christian faith. I see his struggles, but I see him turning to God for help. I see his continual quest to be like Christ, in his faith, in showing grace, in loving others and in loving his family. I could not have asked for a more perfect husband for myself.

{And of course, the girls are always delighted by their daddy!}

I love you Jonathan. You’ve been the best thing to ever happen to me.

*P.S. You can count this as your birthday card. 😉

For the last couple of months, I’ve been daydreaming about having a mother’s corner. Just a little nook all to myself for reading, sewing, relaxing. Jonathan and I agreed that the best spot in the house would be the laundry room. It gets the least traffic {especially from the Windhamettes}, is rather large and has a door for more privacy. The only draw back is that it looks like this:

Not exactly what you would call homey and inviting. But Jonathan said with some paint and rearranging, he could make me the best mother’s corner possible. And about 6 hours later, this is what we had:

The laundry area

My sitting area

We painted the floor and started on the walls {mostly focused on my corner so that it would be completed first}. And if you couldn’t tell the amazing difference just of the floor, I’ll show you:



Amazing, right?! Just one more reason my husband rocks. Rather than relaxing on his well earned day off, he works all day just to create an area for me to relax. Seriously, he is always this awesome.

Thanks to my loving husband {who picked up on my not-so-subtle hint}, I get to see these when I first wake up every morning:

The best part? I didn’t get them for our anniversary. I got them just because. Just because means a whole lot more. They make my mornings just a little brighter and sunnier.

I love you, Jonathan. You are the best.

Top Ten {Tuesday} In the last week Jonathan’s grandma moved in with us, our whole family got sick, and I freaked Jonathan out by suggesting we use re-usable toilet paper. And during all that time, I learned some real life lessons.

1. Flowers from my husband “just because” makes my heart flutter.

2. Mamas don’t get sick days. Ever.

3. I have a wonderful community of friends. I already knew that, but felt it even more this week.

4. I still can’t sew a straight line. But I’m learning.

5. Hannah is not pleasant teethers.

6. Cola icee + no naps + Sam’s club = absolute craziness.

7. Cocoa roasted almonds are delicious.

8. Dyson makes the best vacuum in the world.

9. Mattresses on the floor will provide hours of entertainment for toddlers.

10. There are 130 days till Christmas. Oh yeah, I so just went there.

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Top Ten {Tuesday}This Friday is my five year anniversary {woot woot} and I thought as a very obvious subtle hint to my husband, I’d suggest what I think make great gifts:

1. A getaway weekend – Perhaps this is already a given since we are going away next weekend, but in my little crazy-busy-mom-of-two-toddlers-under-two world, planning a weekend alone with my husband has made me as excited as planning for my wedding.

2. Sunflowers – Thanks to Southern Living and Midwest Living, I have been day dreaming about big, beautiful sunflowers all month long. I’ve never gotten any and think they’d be the perfect rose substitute.

3. Pearl necklace – I really don’t have a reason for this other than, what girl does want a new necklace?

4. Ukulele – I’ve always had a hidden desire to be a musician and since Jonathan is a guitar playing guy, I thought it would be nice to have a ukulele along side.

5. Massage – Really, do I need a reason?

6. Pedicure – See above note.

7. Dinner at a French restaurant – I figure, if we can’t go to Paris, Paris can come to us. Or at least the food can.

8. Build me a mother’s room – I once read about having a mother’s corner. The thought of having my own personal area sounds wonderful. However, the only room in the house that is large enough for that is the laundry room {which I find rather ironic}.

9. Piano lessons – Because whether you want to admit it or not, Christmas is coming and I still need to learn 3 carols.

10. A leg lamp – This might be the hardest one to ever convince Jon of. But with living room windows overlooking the neighborhood – that just begs for a major award.

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About a week after Hannah was born, I went on Weight Watchers. I loved the program because I found that it allowed me to eat whatever I wanted, just in smaller portions. Which means, I could eat cake and ice cream if I wanted {and any “diet” that lets me eat cake and ice cream is awesome}.

One of the biggest things I learned on WW was monitoring fat intake. Something might only have 200 calories, but be 12g of fat {like a Snickers bar}. If you happen to find a treat that is low cal and low fat, well, you are most likely eating a treat that is artificially flavored and chalked full of crazy craziness. That is, unless you happen upon this:

{photo credit}

Breyer’s ice cream has an entire “All Natural” product line, that also is lower in fat and calories and is actually all natural. Score! Our local grocery store marked it down to $2.19 a carton {typically it’s $3.98} and Jonathan bought me 4 cartons! Which is further proof that he really is the most amazing man ever.

About two months ago, while I was visiting with my neighbor-friend Rachel, I realized: Sometimes a man’s job is better left to a woman. We were hanging out in her backyard with all our kiddos when she said she was planning to mow later that day. Being the non-mower in my marriage I thought that seemed a little odd, until Rachel said why: She wanted to do things that would normally be her husband’s task in order to free him up to spend more time with the family.

Sometimes a man’s job is better left to a woman:

{photo credit}

Since having that conversation with Rachel, I’ve started to look for ways to “free up” Jonathan. I have even gone so far as to clean out the garage {which is notoriously man’s land in our family} because I knew Jon wasn’t going to have the time to do it – but would stay up late just to get it finished. Aside from wanting to bless Jon, I admit, it is always pretty nice having him come home from work saying things like “Wow, the yard looks great!”, which is great motivation for this wifey-mama.

What are man jobs that you do?