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I can’t even begin to tell you all just how much I love Jonathan as a father. He is truly the dad to the Windhamettes that I always wanted as a girl. He is kind and loving. He is thoughtful, affectionate and ever-giving. He showers them with attention that only a father can do.  It is beautiful and has brought me much healing in regards to father/daughter relationships.  I am more than blessed to share this life with him. More than blessed to have him as the father of two vivacious girls. In every sense he has truly earned, not the title of father, but the prize of being called a daddy.

Happy Father’s Day, Jonathan! I love you and can’t tell you enough for how amazing of a father you are! Thank you for sacrificing for our family and for striving to stay the course with your Heavenly Father so that you can continue being the father our girls need.

I’ll be real honest, I can be a brat. I won’t sugar coat it for ya – some days I’m down right selfish and rude. I like my way on my time at my say. It ain’t pretty and it sure ain’t godly. Part of me wonders if I don’t look a little like this:

{photo credit}

Jonathan is leaving Monday for a business trip to Chicago and won’t be back until Thursday night. Over lunch yesterday, I was giving him a hard time about being gone {especially since we’ll miss our normal date night}. Even though I could tell it was annoying him, I kept on going, kept on being bratty. Finally Jon just said “Aren’t you happy that I provide for you?” Say what? This business trip is for me? All your hard work and effort is so I can stay at home? Yes, yes it is.

The thing is, I’m kinda a brat. And while I was pouting about a business trip that my husband is taking, I failed to realize he is taking it for me. He is going to ensure that I can continuing staying at home with our daughters. He is going to ensure that we have a roof over our heads and live comfortable lives. He is going to ensure that he holds true to his words – that he will protect, provide and care for me and our family. He is going because, well, he’s just plain awesome at his job and his boss wants him to go. How can I pout about that? How can I be upset about having such a great man?

By the end of our conversation I was struck with this verse: “It’s better to live alone in the desert than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife. {Proverbs 21:19}”. I apologized to Jon and before lunch was finished the air was cleared. I walked away with this one thing in mind: “The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the Lord.” {Proverbs 18:22}.

I want to be the kind of wife that my husband treasures. One that lifts him up and allows him to do what God has called him to. One that is supportive and kind. One that speaks with love and humility. And I am grateful that I have a man like Jon, who is always understanding, continually pointing me towards truth. Thanks for all you hard work babe. I love you.

My house is clean!!

I hosted a baby shower on Saturday morning, so Jon and I spent Friday night {and Saturday morning!} finishing up painting and cleaning the kitchen. Jon actually finished painting at 8:30 am and the shower started at 9:30!

Here’s the end results of our remodel and the new wall Jonathan finished:

And for your my pleasure, here’s Hannah – who just had to have her picture taken.

Edith Piaf, a French singer from the 1940’s and 50’s, wrote the song La Vie en Rose. In it, she sings, I see life in rosy hues. It’s one of my favorite songs and sums up so much of how I see the world.

This morning, Jonathan told me “You really are a romantic” and I just had to laugh. You see, I am a romantic, just not in the way most people think. Most people think of romance as flowers, chocolate and candlelit dinners. But I see those things as overkill. {Not to say I don’t enjoy overkill sometimes.} Romance isn’t always butterflies in your stomach. It isn’t being swept off your feet. It isn’t even having your husband say the right thing at the right time. To me, romance is:

Eating ice cream at Dane’s Dairy

Taking a walk in the morning before anyone else is out

Having dinner on the back porch

The glow of Christmas lights at night

But mostly, romance is spending ordinary days with my extraordinary husband.

Our kitchen has gone from this:

To this:

The pictures make it look easy. It started off that way, but things have gotten a little hairy. We hired a contractor to remove two studs and the header and to finish off our sheetrock. He agreed, then the morning he showed up, he said he’d changed his mind and would not be finishing the job (only removing the studs and header). Nice.

Thankfully, he did build this:

Which now houses our heating vent (goes through the roof).

Now Jonathan, being the awesomely talented guy he is, is finishing up the sheetrock, mudding and electrical.

Unless you read about the beginning of our project, then you might not know about my love of wallpaper. And by love, I mean total hatred strong dislike. But, alas, the wallpaper is down and painting has begun!! *A shout out of thanks to Rachel for watching Mabel!*

And for a “green” tip – hang on to your plastic containers (yogurt, salsa, etc) cause you never know what you can use them for later:

I promise one day I’ll actually post pictures of our house when it’s clean.  It might not be until the girls are in college, but hey.

Jonathan and I have a wonderful opportunity to have regular date nights. Typically we go out to eat, maybe grab a fancy dessert, have a few beers or the like. This week we decided to “spice” things up. No, not like that.

This week we went to play racquetball and go swimming. Let me tell you – I have never played racquetball and was a bit apprehensive. There is something about being stuck in a box with a ball flying at you that seems a little off. But once I learned the rules, it was actually a lot of fun. And, if you ever have some frustration to get out – then it is perfect! After racquetball, we headed over to the pool.

Call me crazy, but I have an irrational fear of large bodies of water. Perhaps I watched a little too much Shark Week and Jaws as a child. Whatever the case, I don’t really enjoy swimming. Unless it’s in a baby pool. So when we got to the pool and I saw it was twelve feet deep, I laughed and told Jonathan he was on his own. No way am I getting into a pool that size. After all, sharks only need like three feet of water to kill you. Shark attacks happen my friends. Even in chlorine filled pools. Of this I’m convinced.

After a little persuasion, Jonathan finally got me in the water. Then he wanted me to swim. I tell ya, this man is crazy. First he wants me to stand in a box while a ball comes flying toward me, then he wants me to get in a shark infested pool and then he wants me to swim? Crazy, I tell ya, just crazy. (But I love him all the same.) We swam half a lap before I noticed some boogie boards and thought that using one would be a much better idea than actually swimming. It didn’t make me go any faster or make me look any less goofy, but at least with a boogie board I can fight off those pool sharks.

Despite my hesitations, when it was all said and done I had a really fabulous time. It was something completely out of the ordinary and provided Jonathan us with a lot to laugh about. Here’s to keeping dating an adventure!

Jonathan and Sarah

I’m pretty opinionated.

I’m very loud.

I’ve been known to speak then think.

And despite all that, I’m loved by one very understanding man. One of the greatest things about Jonathan is his overwhelming patience for me. Even in all the crazy things I do and say, he gives himself to me more and more everyday.

Indeed, I am loved.

Jonathan doesn’t get nearly enough “blog time”, despite the fact that because of him and I am Loved Like the Church. So, I’ve decided to take today to do Brag on Him Friday, which is hosted by Blissfully Domestic.

Jonathan is an amazing husband. He is incredibly supportive, continually laying down his wants/desires/needs in order to show his love to me. One mere example of this, comes from this past week:

The University of Iowa hosts the Geneva Lecture, which is put on by a Christian run ministry that aims at answering how God fits in our society. This year the lecture was “Modern Physics and Ancient Faith – Conflict between Science and Religion”. Bing! This is right down Jonathan’s alley. And happens to fall on…. date night. Jonathan expressed his interest at going and perhaps postponing our date to later this week. Then the day came and I asked him what his plan was. His response? “I’m not going to the lecture. Going on a date with you is far more important.”

Be still my heart.

I know the lecture might not have been a top priority in his life, but I also know he was really excited about it. Which proves to me, yet again, how much he lays down his life for me and our marriage. My husband rocks.

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