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Dating is an adventure

Posted on: April 23, 2010

Jonathan and I have a wonderful opportunity to have regular date nights. Typically we go out to eat, maybe grab a fancy dessert, have a few beers or the like. This week we decided to “spice” things up. No, not like that.

This week we went to play racquetball and go swimming. Let me tell you – I have never played racquetball and was a bit apprehensive. There is something about being stuck in a box with a ball flying at you that seems a little off. But once I learned the rules, it was actually a lot of fun. And, if you ever have some frustration to get out – then it is perfect! After racquetball, we headed over to the pool.

Call me crazy, but I have an irrational fear of large bodies of water. Perhaps I watched a little too much Shark Week and Jaws as a child. Whatever the case, I don’t really enjoy swimming. Unless it’s in a baby pool. So when we got to the pool and I saw it was twelve feet deep, I laughed and told Jonathan he was on his own. No way am I getting into a pool that size. After all, sharks only need like three feet of water to kill you. Shark attacks happen my friends. Even in chlorine filled pools. Of this I’m convinced.

After a little persuasion, Jonathan finally got me in the water. Then he wanted me to swim. I tell ya, this man is crazy. First he wants me to stand in a box while a ball comes flying toward me, then he wants me to get in a shark infested pool and then he wants me to swim? Crazy, I tell ya, just crazy. (But I love him all the same.) We swam half a lap before I noticed some boogie boards and thought that using one would be a much better idea than actually swimming. It didn’t make me go any faster or make me look any less goofy, but at least with a boogie board I can fight off those pool sharks.

Despite my hesitations, when it was all said and done I had a really fabulous time. It was something completely out of the ordinary and provided Jonathan us with a lot to laugh about. Here’s to keeping dating an adventure!

5 Responses to "Dating is an adventure"

I love the branching out to new date ideas! Sounds like you had fun and since I heard no news reports of a lady having to fend off a pool shark at any of the local pools, I’ll assume it was an all around successful date 🙂

What a fun date and funny story about the pool! Have ya’ll always done a date night?

We have tried to always have a date night (even before the girls were born). Right after Julia was born, I think we went over two months without a date. But then we picked back up. Since then, we’ve had pretty regular dates – only lacking again for a month or so after Hannah was born.

dude that is TOTALLY me too about water! When i do tri’s in lakes, i freak.. makes me swim faster though! 🙂 hate it hate it!

So proud of you!! You beat those sharks!! I am also a little envious. Matt and I have been married almost 15 years, amazing huh? And we still don’t take the time to have a date night. Ahh well something to work on. Love ya!!

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