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Tike on a trike or My daughter is a gangsta

Posted on: April 26, 2010

Over the weekend, we got Julia a tricycle from our friends, the Cramers (thanks again Dana!). She has been talking about it non-stop since we picked it up. As for me, the trike is proving just one more lesson in patience, since apparently kids aren’t born with the ability to pedal and it’s up to the parent to teach them. Whew.

Don’t you just love Julia’s shaggy dog hair? She’s looking pretty gangsta if you ask me.

4 Responses to "Tike on a trike or My daughter is a gangsta"

All she needs is the baggy pants! Want me to send her some? 🙂

Love the hair! I have to push Elizabeth constantly too; I can’t wait until she is strong enough to do it it!

Haha love the shaggy hair, straight up thug. Good luck teaching her to pedal!

I am way too lazy to even inform Luke that triking is an option. Right now, it’s only for 3 1/2 year olds who also have to learn how to pedal.

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