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How a 2 year old celebrates Earth Day

Posted on: April 22, 2010

Today is Earth Day and for the last three days the girls and I have been prepping our garden and planting flowers and veggies. It has been a blast! There can’t be anything more fun than playing in dirt and water with little kids. I think Hannah has had a mud mustache since Tuesday.

The garden

Julia kindly watered. The same spot. Over and over again. By the time she was done we had a nice mud pond.

Hannah really loves the garden. Frankly, she just really loves being outside.

See the mud ‘stache in this next one? Maybe it’s more like a soul patch.

Because we have these two huge beautiful trees in our backyard we get nearly no sun. So this year, rather than try to have the crazy huge garden like last year, we planted “shade” vegetables – lettuce and broccoli.

Julia didn’t like my method of digging holes and adding seeds, she much preferred to dump the packet on the ground. Looks like we could have a lot of lettuce this year.

Here’s to a bountiful harvest. But even better – here’s to a summer spent outside with two of my favorite cuties!

5 Responses to "How a 2 year old celebrates Earth Day"

The garden looks and sounds like so much fun! What a fantastic spring project.

Sarah, your girls are so beautiful. They look like they could really be a hand full. I am so glad that they are close in age. Is it time for another little girl? Have fun and lots of Love from G-Gma, felix, sarge and Lola.

Thanks Lola! They are a handful but delightful all the same. As for it being time for another one… not sure that’s on the docket for this year! And I’m pretty certain Jonathan’s hoping for a boy if there is every another one. 🙂

You’re girls are adorable!!!!! What a fun way to celebrate!

The girls ARE adorable, Hannah is getting so big.

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