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My Husband Rocks!

Posted on: January 29, 2010

Jonathan doesn’t get nearly enough “blog time”, despite the fact that because of him and I am Loved Like the Church. So, I’ve decided to take today to do Brag on Him Friday, which is hosted by Blissfully Domestic.

Jonathan is an amazing husband. He is incredibly supportive, continually laying down his wants/desires/needs in order to show his love to me. One mere example of this, comes from this past week:

The University of Iowa hosts the Geneva Lecture, which is put on by a Christian run ministry that aims at answering how God fits in our society. This year the lecture was “Modern Physics and Ancient Faith – Conflict between Science and Religion”. Bing! This is right down Jonathan’s alley. And happens to fall on…. date night. Jonathan expressed his interest at going and perhaps postponing our date to later this week. Then the day came and I asked him what his plan was. His response? “I’m not going to the lecture. Going on a date with you is far more important.”

Be still my heart.

I know the lecture might not have been a top priority in his life, but I also know he was really excited about it. Which proves to me, yet again, how much he lays down his life for me and our marriage. My husband rocks.

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Yeah- go Jonathan! This was a nice post Sarah.

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