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More pictures of my house in complete disarray

Posted on: May 17, 2010

Our kitchen has gone from this:

To this:

The pictures make it look easy. It started off that way, but things have gotten a little hairy. We hired a contractor to remove two studs and the header and to finish off our sheetrock. He agreed, then the morning he showed up, he said he’d changed his mind and would not be finishing the job (only removing the studs and header). Nice.

Thankfully, he did build this:

Which now houses our heating vent (goes through the roof).

Now Jonathan, being the awesomely talented guy he is, is finishing up the sheetrock, mudding and electrical.

Unless you read about the beginning of our project, then you might not know about my love of wallpaper. And by love, I mean total hatred strong dislike. But, alas, the wallpaper is down and painting has begun!! *A shout out of thanks to Rachel for watching Mabel!*

And for a “green” tip – hang on to your plastic containers (yogurt, salsa, etc) cause you never know what you can use them for later:

I promise one day I’ll actually post pictures of our house when it’s clean.  It might not be until the girls are in college, but hey.

2 Responses to "More pictures of my house in complete disarray"

Way to embrace chaos and even show us pics! Love projects!

Wow that looks great, thanks for sharing photos of the progress! Way to go Jon for finishing up.

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