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The number one question, we all want to know is…

Posted on: May 18, 2010


Julia has really embraced the use of “Why?”. Here’s our conversation on the way home from the park earlier today:

“Julia, let’s go home and eat lunch.”


“Because we’re all hungry and it’s time to eat.”


“Aren’t you hungry?”

“Yes. Why?”


At home, making lunch.

“What you doing, mama?”

“Making lunch.”


“So we can eat.”


“Because we’re hungry.”


I could go on all day. She will repeat them over and over and over again.

For days I’ve tried catching all this on video for your entertainment {and embarrassment factor when she’s 16}. But every time I start up the camera, she immediately looks at me and says “Oh, I want to see Julia” and stops asking her questions.

8 Responses to "The number one question, we all want to know is…"

Oh, my!! I remember those days of WHY? Hang in there!! This too will pass!! Maybe you can say, “Ok, Julia?” at the end of your statements….., but probably won’t make a difference! There is just something in the development of children where they go through that stage!

Gosh, I didn’t think the “whys” started ’til closer to 3. I am not looking forward to that stage…. although, I can see your point in taping it πŸ™‚ It is a bit commical when your not in the moment!

LOVE, love, love, that she wants to see “Julia”!

At least you know how to get her to stop now right? Just pull out the camera when it gets to be too much! πŸ™‚

So true! Maybe I’ll start taking the camera with me every where we go! πŸ™‚

lol…my daughter is 5, and she’s at this phase as well. It gets really annoying sometimes, haha! Thanks for visiting OneStepJourneys πŸ™‚

That is so cute but I can see how ‘why’ could get old quickly. The boy I nanny does the same thing every time I try video. I have attempted to teach: if you’re looking through the lens you’re not in the picture, but that’s a hard and sometimes frustrating concept for an almost two year old. Poor dude.

[…] for Julia Mabel, we are getting some where in the “Why?” department. Last week I started a new rule that she needs to ask full sentence questions […]

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