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I’ll be real honest, I can be a brat. I won’t sugar coat it for ya – some days I’m down right selfish and rude. I like my way on my time at my say. It ain’t pretty and it sure ain’t godly. Part of me wonders if I don’t look a little like this:

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Jonathan is leaving Monday for a business trip to Chicago and won’t be back until Thursday night. Over lunch yesterday, I was giving him a hard time about being gone {especially since we’ll miss our normal date night}. Even though I could tell it was annoying him, I kept on going, kept on being bratty. Finally Jon just said “Aren’t you happy that I provide for you?” Say what? This business trip is for me? All your hard work and effort is so I can stay at home? Yes, yes it is.

The thing is, I’m kinda a brat. And while I was pouting about a business trip that my husband is taking, I failed to realize he is taking it for me. He is going to ensure that I can continuing staying at home with our daughters. He is going to ensure that we have a roof over our heads and live comfortable lives. He is going to ensure that he holds true to his words – that he will protect, provide and care for me and our family. He is going because, well, he’s just plain awesome at his job and his boss wants him to go. How can I pout about that? How can I be upset about having such a great man?

By the end of our conversation I was struck with this verse: “It’s better to live alone in the desert than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife. {Proverbs 21:19}”. I apologized to Jon and before lunch was finished the air was cleared. I walked away with this one thing in mind: “The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the Lord.” {Proverbs 18:22}.

I want to be the kind of wife that my husband treasures. One that lifts him up and allows him to do what God has called him to. One that is supportive and kind. One that speaks with love and humility. And I am grateful that I have a man like Jon, who is always understanding, continually pointing me towards truth. Thanks for all you hard work babe. I love you.

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