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The post you’ve all be waiting for…

Posted on: May 24, 2010

My house is clean!!

I hosted a baby shower on Saturday morning, so Jon and I spent Friday night {and Saturday morning!} finishing up painting and cleaning the kitchen. Jon actually finished painting at 8:30 am and the shower started at 9:30!

Here’s the end results of our remodel and the new wall Jonathan finished:

And for your my pleasure, here’s Hannah – who just had to have her picture taken.

7 Responses to "The post you’ve all be waiting for…"

Sarah and Jonathan!!! I am impressed!! Your little window into the living room looks like a super addition the kitchen!!

Nice job done by all, congrats! Can’t wait to come over and see it in person sometime… hint, hint 🙂 JK

Come on over! We should figure out another playdate at my house when we get together tomorrow.

Nice job!!! There’s nothing like throwing a party and having people over to motivate!!

It looks so fresh and clean! Love it- well done. I am now coveting an American-sized fridge/freezer. Sigh. 🙂

I love the looks of your newly remodeled kitchen! It just looks like fun to be in. 🙂

Very nice! One reason I miss hosting community group is because it meant our house was always tidy.

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