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Having my ice cream and eating it too

Posted on: July 12, 2010

About a week after Hannah was born, I went on Weight Watchers. I loved the program because I found that it allowed me to eat whatever I wanted, just in smaller portions. Which means, I could eat cake and ice cream if I wanted {and any “diet” that lets me eat cake and ice cream is awesome}.

One of the biggest things I learned on WW was monitoring fat intake. Something might only have 200 calories, but be 12g of fat {like a Snickers bar}. If you happen to find a treat that is low cal and low fat, well, you are most likely eating a treat that is artificially flavored and chalked full of crazy craziness. That is, unless you happen upon this:

{photo credit}

Breyer’s ice cream has an entire “All Natural” product line, that also is lower in fat and calories and is actually all natural. Score! Our local grocery store marked it down to $2.19 a carton {typically it’s $3.98} and Jonathan bought me 4 cartons! Which is further proof that he really is the most amazing man ever.

2 Responses to "Having my ice cream and eating it too"

How sweet of Jonathan! I can’t wait to try some out. Yesterday I told Chris, “we don’t have anything to eat, I need to go to the store.” He asked how he could help and I told him, “please bring me yogurt, ice cream, and cookies” A little pregnant maybe? I don’t know if I’ve had a vegetable in weeks but have been eating fruit.

Yum! I can’t wait to try some, thanks for sharing!

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