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My Life Began Six Years Ago Today

Posted on: December 26, 2010

Six years ago today, Jonathan proposed. And it was beautiful, wonderful and worthy of little girl daydreams.


Our proposal site

As my college graduation celebration, Jonathan and I took a 5 week trip to Europe. On December 26th, we spent the day visiting the Louvre. When we left I was famished. So when Jonathan drug me down to the river, I was less than happy. He kept trying to look around, but I started getting pretty short with him. Finally he consented, told me to warm up at a local book shop while he found a place for us to eat. After dinner at a doner shop, walking through the Parisian culture of crepe stands, wine vendors and flowers shops, we headed back to the river. We got to Pont Neuf, meaning “New Bridge”, which divides the center of Paris. We walked down to the park area under the bridge and Jonathan asked me to sit down at the tip of park, to get the best view of the city. And this is where my true light shined. I complained about bird poop being all over the ground and refused to sit. Then, like some scene from a movie, Jonathan pulled out a bag full of rose petals and sprinkled them everywhere covering the ground. With a smile, he asked me if I’d sit now. Studded {because who carries around a bag of rose petals?!} I sat down. We took in the beautiful, city night lights, and talked about our lives, our love and what the future might look like. The entire time I kept thinking “Is he going to propose?! Don’t get your hopes up Sarah.” Then, abruptly, Jonathan says we should leave to find some place warm. As we stood up, Jonathan asked me what I wanted more than anything else in the world. And, like all good women, I said “Chocolate”. Ok, that was a weird answer. I was so nervous, because I wanted to say “You to propose!”, but didn’t want to look like a fool if he didn’t {because I was still convinced it wasn’t happening}. He laughed, got down on one knee and said “Sarah, will you marry me?”.

And you know the rest.

What’s amazing, is that Jonathan isn’t what you would classify as “romantic”. But let me tell you, when he does it, he knocks it out of the park!


5 Responses to "My Life Began Six Years Ago Today"

Sarah that is so romantic! What a wonderful graduation gift getting to see Europe and getting engaged all in the same trip. WOW.

What a greatl story, way to go Jonathan! I’ll admit to also having my sin shine through when we took a trip and Chris proposed-let’s just say sometimes when I think of my behavior on that trip it’s shocking he went through with the proposal. We’re blessed to be loved like the church huh? Happy proposal anniversary!

That is wonderful! Happy “anniversary”! My proposal was 6 years ago also, on new year’s eve.

Why is it that there’s something in us women that has to be a whiney-butt when we’re about to receive a proposal? Mine was not as romantic, but I had a similar attitude of, “why are we out here in the cold, we’re going to be late,” and so on… And yet, they still managed to pop the question! 🙂

Wow-I NEVER could have travelled with Josh before we were married…dating and staying pure was hard enough! Way to go on that account…secondly, I was thinking you had never been to Paris before…so glad you’ve been before!! What an amazing way to propose!

wow, that is such a beautiful story, Sarah! Congratulations on the blessed marriage God has given you.

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