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Top Ten Christmas Highlights

Posted on: December 28, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday} I’m still in shock that Christmas is over. Every year, after the food has been consumed, presents opened, friends or family have left, and the stillness of post-Christmas life set in, I’m always a little sad and shocked that things happened so quickly. This year was no exceptions. It was a busy, fun {with some drama} filled weekend. Here are my holiday highlights:

1. No sleep – I knew going into the weekend none of us would sleep. And I was all too correct. Between family arriving late at night, festivities being delayed, and general funness to be had, there wasn’t much time for sleep. Thankfully, the girls made up for it by sleeping in the first day we were home.

2. Food – So. Much. Food. And someone brought cake balls, which I had never had, which were so incredibly amazing. I stepped on the scale yesterday. Hmmm… let’s just say I started back running this morning.

3. The presents – Or lack thereof. We didn’t give the girls, or anyone, anything for Christmas. The girls did, unexpectedly, get some gifts from other people, but there was such a peace at not feeling obligated to purchase anything for anyone.

4. Food – Did I mention there was a lot of food? Well there was. Cake balls and reindeer cupcakes. Tamales and sweet bread. Turkey and my mom’s dressing. Poached eggs with Bearnaise sauce. Hmmm….

5. Movie watching – Our family loves A Christmas Story and has to watch it at least once during the holidays. I watched it with my two younger {cause I can no longer say little} brothers. An absolute favorite.

6. Cousins galore – My girls have been on a cousin high for days. All Julia can talk about is “My cousins this”, “My cousins that”. It’s sweet as can be.

7. Grandparents are the better version of parents – Julia thinks her Grandpa hung the moon. In the weeks leading up to seeing my parents, Julia talked non stop about them. “My Dampa got this for me”, “My Omi lives in Tennessee and wants to see me”. I could quote her for days. This girls loves her some Dampa and Omi.

8. Drama – Ok, every holiday has to have some drama, right? Or is that just me? Literally, it was me. Sad to say, I had a few not-so-great moments this weekend. I even have a post to tell you all about it.

9. Far off friends – I got to visit with Emily, my friend who I met once in Iowa, before she moved back to Texas and then on to Scotland. We’ve formed a friendship over our blogs and we had the best time spending an afternoon with her and her two kiddos.

10. Food – Ok, now I know I’ve mentioned the bounty of food we had. But did I mention I skipped making dinner on Christmas {because we had so many leftovers} and ate Nutella on French bread instead? Yeah, well I did. And it was awesome.

How was your Christmas? What are some of your favorite highlights?

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5 Responses to "Top Ten Christmas Highlights"

I just posted some of our highlights. We had few gifts as well. I agree that it was relaxing not to enter the shopping fray. My husband got a few books from Scholastic school flyers earlier in the fall and added a few more with Swagbucks. That was it, except for what my parents sent.

Probably my favorite time was when we acted out The Christmas story (from Luke). We’re planning to watch the very different movie, A Christmas Story, today. =)

Awww what a wonderful Christmas! Well, minus the drama. I hope everything was resolved. Hooray for so much food! We have so many leftovers left that we will be eating them well into next week, haha!

I’m glad you mentioned cake balls! I keep meaning to make these and keep forgetting. So they are officially on the list of things to make for my family’s Christmas this coming weekend. ๐Ÿ˜€

As for Christmas highlights – I think it had to be the overall fact that it was our first Christmas in our new house with our new doggie. Lots of firsts. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wow sounds like everyone had a great time.I have never had cake balls. I will google that and see how to make them because they sound great!

Hey!! I loved seeing you too! When I saw your title pop up, I thought to myself how I was going to tease you for not mentioning me…and there I was!! Thanks- feeling very honored…I am going to email you the pic right now!

Hello?? How can seeing you not be a highlight?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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