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Sometimes a man’s job is better left to a woman

Posted on: July 9, 2010

About two months ago, while I was visiting with my neighbor-friend Rachel, I realized: Sometimes a man’s job is better left to a woman. We were hanging out in her backyard with all our kiddos when she said she was planning to mow later that day. Being the non-mower in my marriage I thought that seemed a little odd, until Rachel said why: She wanted to do things that would normally be her husband’s task in order to free him up to spend more time with the family.

Sometimes a man’s job is better left to a woman:

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Since having that conversation with Rachel, I’ve started to look for ways to “free up” Jonathan. I have even gone so far as to clean out the garage {which is notoriously man’s land in our family} because I knew Jon wasn’t going to have the time to do it – but would stay up late just to get it finished. Aside from wanting to bless Jon, I admit, it is always pretty nice having him come home from work saying things like “Wow, the yard looks great!”, which is great motivation for this wifey-mama.

What are man jobs that you do?

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Hey Sarah – long time no talk! I can so relate to this post. When Jer and I were first married, he was working a lot at night doing sales calls and I hated to think about him mowing in the middle of the day when it was the hottest and most humid here in Middle TN. So, for the first 2 or 3 years of our marriage I mowed the yard every week from April-September. Truth be told, my perfectionist tendencies extend to the yard as well so it gave me a lot of pleasure to have the job done every week. So, ladies unite in blessing our husbands and freeing up the dads to enjoy every moment!

Thankfully we don’t have a yard right now. Well, at least thankfully in my book! My hubby sure does want one for our little guy to run around in. Perhaps soon. But, when we had a traditional home several years ago, the yard was definitely the man’s domain! I mowed it one time….and it was not up par! My hubby does many things well, but he is fantastic with yard maintenance. He can put lines in the grass and trim to perfection. And, the best part is, he love doing it!

However, your point about giving them back their time to spend with the family is priceless advice. We don’t have the typical “man” areas where we live right now but I do try to do everything around the loft exactly for the purpose you pointed out. I guess the one area that I don’t touch very often is the car. He’s a hug fan of cleaning cars as well and every once in a while I clean it for him. I need to put that on my to do list again!! Thanks for the reminder!

I saw you mowing your lawn the other day!! 🙂 Great advice on freeing up hubby’s! Appreciated the walk today and getting to meet Katie, too, during our MOO time!

Oh, yes, I think you asked a question! I do things for Steve that are not necessarily physical help, but make phone calls, and deal with things that are more difficult to do for him in the area of hearing people clearly…because of him wearing hearing aids. It takes a little stress off him some and also frees him up for other things as far as time goes. No lawn for us to mow here at the apartment-which is ok with both of us! 🙂

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I quit my job to be a SAHM 12 years ago and I began mowing the lawn for my husband as well. Here in the Midwest we can also get hot and humid in the summers (I am originally from Middle TN–M’boro to be exact!!) and we also occasionally get a front to come through and lower the humidity levels. Since I had the luxury of being home and being able to shift schedules I would try to mow on the less humid days and when that wasn’t possible, early in the day to avoid the heat. I couldn’t stand the thought of my husband suffering in the heat and humidity knowing I could have done it at a better time. Anyway, it is now a moot point as my son has been mowing the yard for the last 4 years–he not so much out of love for his dad, but more for the $10 he receives!! Since we don’t give allowance he is extremely territorial about mowing the yard and rarely misses doing it, we usually don’t have to ask him to do it. He asks us. Just recently his younger sister asked her dad if he would teach her how to use the lawnmower which did not make her brother happy. Who would have thought that my kids would be arguing over who gets to mow the lawn?!

Kelli, that is too funny about your son! I understand though, because that was my job growing up and the only way I got any money (no allowance either).

I’m originally from Nashville. Lived in the Springfield area during high school.

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