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My New at Home Getaway

Posted on: August 23, 2010

For the last couple of months, I’ve been daydreaming about having a mother’s corner. Just a little nook all to myself for reading, sewing, relaxing. Jonathan and I agreed that the best spot in the house would be the laundry room. It gets the least traffic {especially from the Windhamettes}, is rather large and has a door for more privacy. The only draw back is that it looks like this:

Not exactly what you would call homey and inviting. But Jonathan said with some paint and rearranging, he could make me the best mother’s corner possible. And about 6 hours later, this is what we had:

The laundry area

My sitting area

We painted the floor and started on the walls {mostly focused on my corner so that it would be completed first}. And if you couldn’t tell the amazing difference just of the floor, I’ll show you:



Amazing, right?! Just one more reason my husband rocks. Rather than relaxing on his well earned day off, he works all day just to create an area for me to relax. Seriously, he is always this awesome.

9 Responses to "My New at Home Getaway"

That looks awesome! Hmmm, I should try to find a corner for myself. Great transformation!

the floor change is amazing!

awesome! just think of all the things you will create in that area! excited to see your sewing skills take off and i still think you should sew the girls matching aprons/art smocks for christmas!

Wow what a great husband AND space. I hope you have many hours of quiet there. Is that chair good for napping?

your hubby does rock!

I am so impressed, Jonathon!!!! What a way to show you he loves you. 🙂 I agree, the floor looks amazing!

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That is VERY cool! I love it that you had a space like this to transform!

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