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Chicken {Curry} Soup for the Soul

Posted on: August 20, 2010

As some of you might have read from my twitter update, I made Chicken Curry Soup this week. It was a first attempt {and one of Jonathan’s favorite soups ever} so I was a little weary of how things might turn out. Because of that, I didn’t take step-by-step pictures like I have before. However, I did get the finished product:

Oh man, this stuff was good. It was spicy and filling and perfectly curry. Yum. I had read several different recipes in order to pick and choose as I needed {if we didn’t have an ingredient on hand or if I thought another ingredient sounded better}. Here’s what I did:

Chicken Curry Soup

1 pound of cooked chicken, chopped or shredded

2 quarts of chicken broth {you could do half broth/half water}

1 onion chopped

several small potatoes, cut into quarters

2 carrots, cut {or baby carrots equivalent to large ones}

1/2 cup mushrooms

1 14 oz can of coconut milk

4 tablespoons curry powder

1 tablespoon ginger

salt to taste

Saute the onion and chicken {if chicken isn’t cooked} until chicken is cooked and onion is translucent. Add onion, chicken, carrots, curry powder, ginger and salt to broth/water. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and add potatoes, mushrooms and coconut milk. Cook until potatoes are done {about 20 minutes}.

This was such a basic recipe. There are several more things I could have added and plan to the next go-round. But even without all the bells and whistles of a restaurant curry soup, it still tasted really great {even the next day for lunch!}. Two things I would change: 1. Not forgetting to add salt to my broth {again}; 2. cut down on the broth/water. Jonathan and I both agreed that it was too watery and that it would have been thicker if there was a better broth to milk ratio. Just little tidbits to tuck away for this fall when we start making soups several times a week.

For now: Bon Appetit!


7 Responses to "Chicken {Curry} Soup for the Soul"

Whenever I see something delicious like this, I always try to think what substitutions I could make. I’m thinking 1 qt vegetable broth, and either chickpeas or cauliflower to replace the chicken. How do you think those would go?

Kelsey, I actually I thought if I had cauliflower {and cabbage} on hand they would make perfect additions. So, yes, do it!

Substitutions to make it vegetarian–that is. Not just assuming that I always have improvements to make on other people’s recipes 🙂

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by iDreamOfClean, Sarah Windham. Sarah Windham said: Without further ado, my chicken curry soup recipe: http://bit.ly/9zYE7B […]

Oh, thanks for posting the recipe! I’m excited to try this when the weather cools off. 😀 😀 😀

I might have to try this! I don’t think I have ever tried anything curry before, but we are BIG soup eaters. 🙂 Especially with the cool weather coming soon….mmm!

I made this last night. I used half the amount of curry (I use madras curry powder from our local Indian foods store) and half the broth. Put simply, it was incredible. The perfect amount of heat. Thanks for a non-bland recipe I can eat (despite my multiple food allergies/intolerances) and will look forward to making and altering again and again! Delicious!

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