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Summer delights – fresh picked strawberries

Posted on: June 29, 2010

A few weeks back, Leah posted about her strawberry patch and beginning harvest. Since she’s had such abundance she’s been sharing with all her friends. She gave me a call one morning to tell me I could come pick some strawberries if I’d like. Oh yeah. We headed over after naps. I spent all of 15 minutes picking berries and came home with this:

Funny enough, that’s actually only half of what I picked. For every 2 I put in, Julia ate 3. I’m not even joking. Notice the quickly abandoned graham cracker at the bottom of the strainer? I’d given it to her at the beginning as bribe for not eating the berries. It didn’t work.

Once we got home, the Windhamettes and I sat outside in the hot summer air eating fresh picked strawberries and whipped cream.

Hannah was especially delighted.

1 Response to "Summer delights – fresh picked strawberries"

What a fun activity and yummy treat! Some of our neighbors have strawberries in their yard and it’s really hard to resist popping one in my mouth when I walk by.

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