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When hosting a monkey party, you have to take into consideration the decorations:

Don’t forget goodie bags for all the kids:

Then do a little happy dance when Hannah gets two more monkey shirts {bringing us to a grand total of four!}:

{each of these elicited shouts of “my monkey, my monkey!”}

And even if you forget to take pictures of the huge spread of food served {um, not that I would ever forget}, make sure to take pictures of the cupcakes:

I should mention, these are special cupcakes. Aside from being homemade banana chocolate cupcakes, they actually contain frosting on the inside. And not just any frosting. When our party guests bit into the cupcakes, the frosting inside indicated Baby Three’s gender:

The party was a blast. Unfortunately, we had a few last-minute cancelations. But, that has left us with lots of yummy foods to snack on for the week {and I can’t complain about that ;)}.

Hannah had a really great time. Though I am certain between not napping, spending the afternoon at the pool and then having all-she-could-eat-sweets might have done her in. Poor girl was in shell shock as everyone arrived and especially so when she was given presents. But in the end, she perked up and thoroughly enjoyed herself {and getting more monkey shirts certainly brought her enthusiasm to a whole new level}.

Have you ever hosted a themed party? What did you do? 

This past Wednesday, we had our 20-week ultrasound. You might have seen my tweet/facebook update:

Well, my dear friends, are you ready for our news?

Really, really ready?

Like, so ready, that when you see this:

{photo credit}

You let out a little squee?


Are you so ready, that when you see this:

You let out a big ol’ “Woo-hoo!

That’s right, my friends, come November, the Windhams are having a baby boy.

Add me to the ranks of women who don’t like swimsuit shopping. Perhaps second only to jean shopping in the do-I-really-have to category. But, with an expanding belly and a one piece that won’t quite do the trick anymore, I found myself last weekend at Target hunting down a swimsuit.

Truth be known, shopping for a swimsuit while pregnant doesn’t quite help with any self-esteem issues you might have. I just had to remind myself that 1) there’s a reason I need this size 2) the reason will be way cute/worth it come November. I decided to stick with something plain-ish that would grow with me and not fall off when the girls grab on to me. After five tries and a coin toss, this is what I went with:

It’s hard to tell, since I’m sitting down, but the bottoms are plain black. The sides are ruched, making it look cute and fitted now with room to expand by August/September. The back is a racerback, making it feel a lot like a sports bra – which makes it so incredibly comfortable. Overall, it’s a win.

Do you dread swimsuit shopping? Have you ever shopped for a maternity suit?

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Top Ten {Tuesday}Lately, I’ve been mid-sentence when I forget what…. um, um… oh, what I was going to say. Last night, Jonathan and I went out for a date. It was a work function of sorts, and I had the chance to meet a few of his co-workers. I also met the CEO of his company. In a shining moment of pregnancy, after the introduction was made, I knew {just knew} I was suppose to know this man, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember. Then, it went off like a light bulb and I blurted out “Your wife just had a baby!” really loud. Yeah, that was nice. And that is mild compared to the other things I forget. Like:

1. Buying two yards of fabric and that have magically disappeared. {Update: I just found the fabric, rolled up and tucked into the girls’ closet. Who knows.}

2. Using a pair of scissors, remembering to put them back, and they are now gone. 

3. Looking at our daily menu multiple times a day because I can’t remember what I’m suppose to make.

4. Meeting a wonderful lady and her two adorable kids at the pool before leaving for vacation and then forgetting I ever met her. *sheepish face*

5. Going to the grocery store for 2 {TWO!} items and forgetting why I went.

6. Calling the girls “Jul-Han-Mab-Mic, hey kid!” because I can’t get their names straight.

7. Being absolutely convinced that it’s Monday, when it’s really Wednesday, but actually Thursday.

8. Standing in the grocery aisle trying to remember what is more $.162 per ounce or $.167. 

9. Having schooltime that sounds like “This is red. I mean, green. No, no, really, it’s blue. Sorry Hannah.”

10. Sending an email to a friend on Thursday, only to see this morning that it never got sent {though I swear it did}.

I’d say things will go back to normal once Baby Three arrives, but I know things will just get worse for a while as sleep deprivation sets in and then I really won’t remember anything.

Have you ever suffered from pregnancy brain? Or nursing brain? Or just old brain? Whew.

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It’s the little joys in life that add up to a joyous life. Little joys like –

Coming home to this guy after a week+ away:

Finding random pictures of the girls on our computer:

Yes, that is underwear on her head

What are your Friday Joys?

I’m 16 weeks, and things are trucking right along. I’ve started to feel Baby Three move. Not often, but if I’m really relaxed or just had some coffee {like this morning}, then there’s definitely some action going on.

The belly is growing, that much is true! It’s looking a little less odd to me, and I’m slowly getting over the fact that the scale keeps creeping up {partly because it’s doing it slowly, and partly because I feel like I really have some control this time around}. Though, I am going to Tennessee and Chicago all next week/weekend, so we’ll see how I do around lots of yummy foods. I’m just having to remind myself that weight gain in pregnancy is what I’m going for and stop worrying so much.

What are y’alls Friday joy? Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

My love of flowers in my hair runs deep. When I got married, I wore my hair up {with a veil} and during my reception, I added this beautiful, huge gerber daisy to it. *happy sigh* Then last summer, I decided to spruce up my ponytails by adding cute flowers to them. I will even add them to my favorite knotted up hair do. But, for some reason, I’ve never put flowers in my hair while it’s down. Until now:

I was pretty surprised that it stayed in my hair all day and never loosened up. It added great pizazz to my outfit and I just loved it. What fun things do you do to prettify your hair? Ever tried adding flowers?

**On a completely random note: Notice the crib? When we moved, our movers broke our crib. Sad, right? Jonathan and I really hated the idea of buying a new crib but it had to be done. Or not. My friend/neighbor Jodi randomly asked me if we needed a crib, as her sister was getting rid of hers. Of course I said yes, and the crib arrived a few days later. How awesomely awesome if that? A total thanks to Jodi and God!

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