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Confession :: I didn’t do one single Easter/Resurrection craft with my kids. 

Late Saturday night, I was perusing Facebook seeing pictures of all these clever crafts that other people had done and I thought “Oh crap. I should have done that with the girls! I totally missed the chance to share the Gospel.” Immediately I felt guilty. And even as we were going to church on Sunday, I was struggling with the guilt of not doing enough, not talking about Christ enough.

Then when Hannah announced that she was so excited it was Easter because then she could wear her pretty dress {the same she wore for Halloween and Christmas} I knew, just knew, I had failed to make them understand the deep meaning of Easter.

And it’s true, I did fail. If it were my job to save my children, to “talk them into the Gospel” then I am a failure. I will never succeed at that. There are no words within me that are powerful enough to lead my children to salvation.

Thank God for that.

Thank God that my children’s salvation is not in my hands. Thank God that my own salvation is not in my hands. Because if it were, I’d fail. We all would fall short of God’s glory. We would be condemned.

But, Easter is proof that God is in charge of my salvation. That I am not capable of saving myself, saving my children, and therefore Christ did it for me.

Thank God for that.

So I missed a Gospel centered craft. So Hannah liked Easter because of her dress. So I failed to make my children understand the overwhelming power of Christ’s resurrection. Thank God for that. Because it shows me all the more how dependent I am for Him to move in my children’s lives, in my life, in order to move us closer to Him.

And while I know, and treasure, that it is my job as their mom to share the Gospel with them, to speak of God and His amazing works, I rejoice that it is not in my ability or words or power to save them, but in Christ only.

Thank God for that.

Our family is still trying to sort through how exactly we plan to celebrate Easter. Will there be baskets? Candy? Eggs? Thankfully, the girls don’t ask too many questions and seem oblivious to the commercialized side of Easter and have only learned the true meaning.

With that said, we did do an egg hunt this weekend. Our neighborhood held an egg hunt and several of our neighbors were attending with their kids. We decided to go. When we arrived, there were long lines of cars and people so we just kept driving by.  We figured maybe a family breakfast would be much more fun.

Then, as we drove past Walgreens, we saw several workers standing outside advertising an egg hunt that started in 20 minutes. It was free and no one was around, so we figured we would give it a try. By the time the hunt started, there were more parents than kids, so every kid walked away with a big bag of eggs.

The girls "smiling"

Our loot

Despite being tired, Hannah was not going to lose out on getting some goodies

Two of my favorite people {and the loot}

Now, for this next picture, I realize it’s not the best, but it’ll have to do…

The growing baby bump:

Today is a day of celebration. Today is a remembrance of Christ’s death on the cross. His sacrifice for the world. While His followers at the time didn’t fully understand “Good Friday”, His followers now know that Easter would never have been Easter without Good Friday.

And what an amazingly good Friday it was.

{photo credit}

What’s your Friday joy?

It’s that time of year, where the candy aisles across America are painted with pastels and bunnies. That time of year that signifies the end of winter and the coming of spring. That time of year when the Cadbury Egg makes it’s stunning debut.

photo credit

Whether a lover or a hater of these creme filled eggs, you’ve got to hand it to Cadbury for their great American marketing skills. I go a little egg-crazy once these chocolate goodies hit the shelf. Last year, after Easter, I bought several dozen {because, that’s what normal people do, right?}. Every year, as the boxes inch up in price, I still buy them. Typically only the individuals, because I have to practice some sort of self control, and if I bought four at once, well, I’d be tempted to eat four at once {and trust me when I say, it has been done}.

My biggest goal this week has been to find amazing recipes that call for Cadbury eggs. Like these Cadbury Creme Filled Cookies from Marie at Make and Take. Mmmmmm….

What’s your favorite springtime candy?