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It’s That Time of Year

Posted on: March 11, 2011

It’s that time of year, where the candy aisles across America are painted with pastels and bunnies. That time of year that signifies the end of winter and the coming of spring. That time of year when the Cadbury Egg makes it’s stunning debut.

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Whether a lover or a hater of these creme filled eggs, you’ve got to hand it to Cadbury for their great American marketing skills. I go a little egg-crazy once these chocolate goodies hit the shelf. Last year, after Easter, I bought several dozen {because, that’s what normal people do, right?}. Every year, as the boxes inch up in price, I still buy them. Typically only the individuals, because I have to practice some sort of self control, and if I bought four at once, well, I’d be tempted to eat four at once {and trust me when I say, it has been done}.

My biggest goal this week has been to find amazing recipes that call for Cadbury eggs. Like these Cadbury Creme Filled Cookies from Marie at Make and Take. Mmmmmm….

What’s your favorite springtime candy?

13 Responses to "It’s That Time of Year"

I’ve never had one of these before, but then I’d also never had a peep until just a couple of years ago when we discovered sugar free peeps. 😉

Oh they are wonderful little eggs for sure! However, I am pretty certain there isn’t a sugar free option unfortunately. And that creme filling is just sugar, so I wouldn’t want you to try them and get sick. 😦

I am not a huge fan of these eggs, but I am a big fan of the snickers version! So much caramel!

Um, a snickers version sounds AWESOME. Those would be rockin’ in some cookies…

Nothing beats the Reese’s Eggs at Easter. Somehow, the pumpkins at Halloween, trees at Christmas, etc… just aren’t as good.

Reese’s Eggs are awesome! So much better than the peanut butter cup. I’m also a big fan of black jelly beans (the brach’s kind).

Ohmigosh I love those too!!

I just discovered cadburry mini eggs. No cream but they are chocolate candy with crispy stuff. After one I thought, “meh it’s ok.” but then kept on going, they get better the more you eat haha. I always love jolly rancher jelly beans! Or dark chocolate peanut butter filled bunnies. Mmm candy!

I’ve never tried the Reese’s eggs. But I’ll have to now! {Who doesn’t love pb and chocolate!?}.

Katie – I agree about the minis. Wasn’t a fan till I finished a box. 😉

Bonus–I’m pretty sure Cadbury uses “slave-free” chocolate! Dexter loves these, but I never got him any last year. I should probably be a good wife and get him some this year!

It’s true they are the greatest greatness ever.

Side note: They have gotten smaller. I saw it on Conan. Jason Schwartzman brought a five year old one he found in his freezer and a new one and proved that they are produced smaller. I don’t know why he did this on Conan but he did.

Either way I don’t care as long as I get to eat them.

I concur that they have gotten smaller. I noticed it straight away this year.

Sarah, thanks for that cookie recipe! Going to have to try it out…

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