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Some Days Are Like That

Posted on: March 15, 2011

Top Ten {Tuesday} Some days don’t go according to plan. Some days you wish you had a restart button. Some days couldn’t end soon enough. Some days you think it’ll be a miracle if you make it through with a shred of sanity. Some days:

1. You wake up late

2. And feel rushed for time

3. Your kids are overly tired and cranky

4. You’re overly tired and cranky

5. Your to-do list keeps growing

6. But the time in your day doesn’t

7. You spend more time disciplining your kids

8. Than enjoying your kids

9. You scratch the grilled pork chops and potatoes planned for dinner and make spaghetti instead

10. And go to bed thankful that God’s grace is renewed in the morning

That was my Monday after daylight savings. Sigh. How was yours? Thankfully Tuesday has started off much better.

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11 Responses to "Some Days Are Like That"

Oh, how I KNOW that day! Glad that today’s much better. Well said!

Oh I was laughing when I read this. I am having that kind of day. Alarm didn’t go off. One more kid sick–103 degrees this morning. Son’s car didn’t start. All that before 8 am. Not counting the rotten things–the good ones. Hot tea, sunshine, movies all morning & snuggles. Hope today goes better for you.

Hope your day has gotten better Kim! Enjoy some hot tea this afternoon. 🙂

Aw, hugs all around! Hoping your Tuesday is going much, much better!

exactly know how you feel! 🙂

Thanks ladies! It’s been a much better day. The evening turned out much better once Jonathan got home and could take over. What would I ever do without that man?!?

I can totally relate with this list! Hope you have a GREAT day!

We don’t have DST for 2 more weeks…yikes.

Be afraid Emily…. Be very afraid. Just kidding! Well, only a little. 😉

Thanks for visiting my blog, I can completely relate to this… as I have just returned from yet another trip to the hospital, this time after falling down the stairs and fracturing my ankle. At some point my husband and I said, you just have to smile and laugh.

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