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Party Like a Rockstar

Posted on: March 18, 2011

Despite the week starting off a little rocky, it’s gotten better and better with each day.

Having Julia “read” to Hannah {and she actually knows the books so well, she gets the concept of each page pretty well}.

An impromptu road trip to visit my sister-in-law and nieces in Waco.

– {My favorite} Taking the girls to their very first concert – The Strokes.

Tonight we have a babysitter for 3 hours and are planning some more SXSW fun.

What’s your Friday Joy?

6 Responses to "Party Like a Rockstar"

That photo is fantastic! Oooo Austin, I miss you! Hmmm my Friday joy is being home again in my comfy bed and with my hubby. What a great/crazy week ya’ll had. Enjoy the music tonight!

PS I meant that photo is fantastic because you look beautiful!

you girls look adorable together!!

CUTE picture! Needs a frame. Glad things got better this week! Been thinking about you…hope to call you soon. 🙂

Aww such a precious photo! Hooray for their very first concert. 🙂

I LOVE this picture! I’m find my week getting better as well. Praise God there are ups along with the downs!

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