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It’s that time of year, where the candy aisles across America are painted with pastels and bunnies. That time of year that signifies the end of winter and the coming of spring. That time of year when the Cadbury Egg makes it’s stunning debut.

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Whether a lover or a hater of these creme filled eggs, you’ve got to hand it to Cadbury for their great American marketing skills. I go a little egg-crazy once these chocolate goodies hit the shelf. Last year, after Easter, I bought several dozen {because, that’s what normal people do, right?}. Every year, as the boxes inch up in price, I still buy them. Typically only the individuals, because I have to practice some sort of self control, and if I bought four at once, well, I’d be tempted to eat four at once {and trust me when I say, it has been done}.

My biggest goal this week has been to find amazing recipes that call for Cadbury eggs. Like these Cadbury Creme Filled Cookies from Marie at Make and Take. Mmmmmm….

What’s your favorite springtime candy?