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My Failure to Teach my Children about Easter

Posted on: April 1, 2013

Confession :: I didn’t do one single Easter/Resurrection craft with my kids. 

Late Saturday night, I was perusing Facebook seeing pictures of all these clever crafts that other people had done and I thought “Oh crap. I should have done that with the girls! I totally missed the chance to share the Gospel.” Immediately I felt guilty. And even as we were going to church on Sunday, I was struggling with the guilt of not doing enough, not talking about Christ enough.

Then when Hannah announced that she was so excited it was Easter because then she could wear her pretty dress {the same she wore for Halloween and Christmas} I knew, just knew, I had failed to make them understand the deep meaning of Easter.

And it’s true, I did fail. If it were my job to save my children, to “talk them into the Gospel” then I am a failure. I will never succeed at that. There are no words within me that are powerful enough to lead my children to salvation.

Thank God for that.

Thank God that my children’s salvation is not in my hands. Thank God that my own salvation is not in my hands. Because if it were, I’d fail. We all would fall short of God’s glory. We would be condemned.

But, Easter is proof that God is in charge of my salvation. That I am not capable of saving myself, saving my children, and therefore Christ did it for me.

Thank God for that.

So I missed a Gospel centered craft. So Hannah liked Easter because of her dress. So I failed to make my children understand the overwhelming power of Christ’s resurrection. Thank God for that. Because it shows me all the more how dependent I am for Him to move in my children’s lives, in my life, in order to move us closer to Him.

And while I know, and treasure, that it is my job as their mom to share the Gospel with them, to speak of God and His amazing works, I rejoice that it is not in my ability or words or power to save them, but in Christ only.

Thank God for that.

11 Responses to "My Failure to Teach my Children about Easter"

Fortunately every day can be Easter. We don’t need a holdiay to talk about Christ. We don’t need to wait til Easter and Christmas. We can do those things all the time and every day. It is never too late. And you teach your children about Christ everyday and show them who He is because He is inside of you.

Angie, so true! I’m blessed with curious kids who love to talk about Christ and ask really awesome questions that push me to constantly be speaking to them about God.

Sarah, it IS your obligation to impart your Christian faith to your children. If you believe it, and it has brought you peace and joy, how could you NOT pass down the Truth about Christ. If you don’t do YOUR job, the haters of CHristianity will take care of your children’s minds for you. Faith is not passed down by osmosis. It is our duty to do so.
No, WE do not save them, but we can guide them. Would you leave your garden full of weeds? No, it is up to you to extract them.

You are correct, it is my job to impart and share the Gospel with them, which is why I said “I know and treasure that it is my job to share the Gospel with them”. My constant job is to share the Good News of our Lord with my children. But, my entire point was that *I* will not save them, that Christ will, regardless if I fail or not.

Agreed! I am also thankful that God can use everything including my weaknesses to grow me and my children closer to himself. It works best when I keep running back to him and am open with my kids. I am constantly amazed at how God draws them when I don’t feel like I have done anything at all. 🙂

I am so in love with this post. We talk about our faith in and out of days. It comes up naturally. There is nothing wrong with being a mom that creates crafts and opportunities to talk about Christ, but that mom is just not be and I feel much more comfortable knowing that we are just living it every day in our own way.

Jill, I feel the same way. I am so grateful that our family is always talking about the Gospel in our daily lives and that it isn’t dependent on me doing a set task. I have lots if friends who are great crafters and I am *so* not that mom, so it’s a huge relief to know I don’t have to be in order to share truth with my kids.

I got a free Kindle book from Zondervan: The Story of Easter. We read that and she loved it. Otherwise, it was all about the new dress (with matching hat) and the egg decorating! My goodness. I liked what the other commenter said, “Any day can be about Easter.” So true. He is alive. We serve a Risen Savior.

Ah, the grace of Jesus…..how wonderful it is for us mothers! 🙂

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Sarah oh my word.. My exact exact thoughts on Easter and looking at the crafts or count down that I didn’t do.. For real!! Loved this post … God is in control!!!

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