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And we wait…

Posted on: June 13, 2009

Ok, I know I’d said I wasn’t going to blog before the baby comes, but at the begging urging request of Leah, I’m updating just so you all have a little something to read during your free time. 

I’m still pregnant. Obviously. But I’m hoping my condition changes soon. 

Friday morning I saw my midwife. She took some measures to help get things moving along and told me that I’m 3 cm dilated. My mom got into town Friday evening and since then we’ve been doing a lot of walking and massage therapy to help induction. I spent a good two hours at the mall this afternoon walking around. At one point I literally thought the baby was about to drop out of me. But again, obviously that didn’t happen. I’ve had some mild cramping, but nothing regular or seemingly promising. Even though I’m not due for another 3 days, I’ve found myself really struggling to trust God on the timing of Dubya Dos’ arrival. Part of this is due to my honest belief that I wasn’t going to make it this long, and part is because I really just want to meet my baby already. It’s funny that I know, logically, that this baby will come out, but my emotions are all over the place. I just keep clinging to truth, that God is always good and His will/timing is always perfect. 

It’s been nice having some lag time between the DD’s arrival and my mom and Dave’s arrival. Julia hasn’t seen them since before we found out we were pregnant, so I’ve been nervous about how well she’d warm up to them. However, God has truly blessed their relationship. Julia has really taken to them both and is doing super. Because we don’t live in Tennessee, we don’t get a chance to see Omi and Grandpa very often, so having grandparents around is a whole new territory. I think Julia has really picked up on having new “freedoms” with Omi and Grandpa. Normally I’d been far more adamant about maintaining certain rules (ex: candy, roughhousing, etc), but think that this should be a treat for her, so have let a few several things slide by the wayside. But this afternoon/evening we did need a little time to reestablish who’s in charge. 🙂

Alrighty, I will let this be the real end until DD arrives. Hope you enjoyed the update.

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