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This is the temp my car registered yesterday afternoon

After starting the week off at a blustery 50*, we ended our week with, well, a 50*+ jump. That has to be a record of some sort.

The a/c is on, ice water in hand and the dress code is anything cool. The girls and I are living by the pool most afternoons, and enjoying every minute of it. I’m surprised at how adjusted I am becoming to the temperature. Although, all my wonderful secret fit belly pants and bella bands are not heat-friendly. I’ve tried folding them down, but then it puts too much constriction on my stomach which is pretty uncomfortable. It leaves me in a quandry as to how to hold up my pants. I suppose dresses are the way to go after all.

Southern Living’s May issue has some wonderful sweet tea recipes that I am hoping to try this week. Currently, I have water boiling for blackberry sweet tea – I’ll be sure to share the recipe with you all Thursday. They also have a sweet tea tart which looks divine. And while I might not drink sweet tea often, I’m a Southerner at heart and love anything recipe that requires tea, sugar and heavy cream. Hmmm….

When I found out I was pregnant with Julia, I couldn’t wait to have that really cute pregnancy belly. It took until 15-17 weeks before you could tell I was pregnant and didn’t just have a “beer” belly. With Hannah, again, I couldn’t wait to have a cute pregnant belly. And with her, it came pretty soon. Partly because that’s what happens with consecutive pregnancies, but mostly because I still had “baby weight” from Julia.

With this pregnancy, I’ve been pretty excited about having a cute pregnancy belly, but I’ve been less than thrilled with increasing weight and realizing the hard work it took to lose two babies worth of “baby weight”. After meeting with my midwife, I came away feeling more empowered about food and have gone on a “diet” of sorts. While I don’t monitor my caloric intake, I monitor what I’m eating.  I focus on eating 60+ grams of protein, cutting back on simple carbs and limiting my sweet intake to once a week.

Then, there is exercising. I promised myself that when we got pregnant again, I’d maintain my fitness goals. Yeah… I didn’t take into account just how tired and sick I’d be. So, for about a month, I didn’t lace up my running shoes. Then two weeks ago, I was gifted with a double jogging stroller, and take the girls running when my energy is highest in the day {which varies from morning to afternoon and day to day}.

With the amount of running I had been doing, weight I had lost, I figured it’s take a little longer for my belly to “show”. Turns out, the third time around, you don’t stand much chance of hiding that baby. By 10 weeks, I had a nice little belly showing, and by this week {12+ weeks} I’ve clearly got a belly. Now, whether it’s viewed as a pregnancy belly or a “beer” belly, is debatable. Well… why don’t you tell me?

Pregnant or not?

Now, I will bare my soul to y’all for a moment.

Since Julia, my stomach has been less than, how shall I say this, perfect. And when I got pregnant with Hannah, I noticed that my stomach expanded in a very strange way. It’s flat in the front, where my belly button is, but then everything else bulges. Frankly, it looks really, really weird to me. And honestly, I’m a tad bit self conscious about it. I don’t know why… but it just sort of makes me feel a little weird. With Hannah, it always stayed flat right there at my belly button {and I assume it will this time around too}, so I just always thought it seemed odd.

There you have it. My soul baring moment. Mind blowing, huh? Well, now you know that I’m not always the most confident of women, despite my good looks. Haha! 😉

Our family is still trying to sort through how exactly we plan to celebrate Easter. Will there be baskets? Candy? Eggs? Thankfully, the girls don’t ask too many questions and seem oblivious to the commercialized side of Easter and have only learned the true meaning.

With that said, we did do an egg hunt this weekend. Our neighborhood held an egg hunt and several of our neighbors were attending with their kids. We decided to go. When we arrived, there were long lines of cars and people so we just kept driving by.  We figured maybe a family breakfast would be much more fun.

Then, as we drove past Walgreens, we saw several workers standing outside advertising an egg hunt that started in 20 minutes. It was free and no one was around, so we figured we would give it a try. By the time the hunt started, there were more parents than kids, so every kid walked away with a big bag of eggs.

The girls "smiling"

Our loot

Despite being tired, Hannah was not going to lose out on getting some goodies

Two of my favorite people {and the loot}

Now, for this next picture, I realize it’s not the best, but it’ll have to do…

The growing baby bump:

Have you ever asked someone when they are due, only to find out they aren’t pregnant? Or, even better, has someone asked you if you were expecting, when you very clearly were not? I’ve always erred on the side of caution and just not brought up the belly in question. But, when it comes to social media, people can drop “pregnant hints” like none other. What then?!

Well, here are a few ways to tell if your social media friend is indeed, with child:

And if those signs fail to pass your “they might be pregnant” radar, then maybe this will help:

Yes, my friends, I am pregnant. I am 10 weeks along {tomorrow}, due the first week of November. Thankfully, I haven’t been overly sick, just some extreme nausea that can last mere minutes, several hours, or all day. Quite unpredictable. But, baby is well, and that is all that matters.

We just had our appointment with our midwives earlier this week. We will be delivering with a birthing center in South Austin. I am thrilled with the facilities, as it’s the perfect blend between home and hospital. I am exploring water birth as our delivery option, but am still in the research phase. If any of you have had a water birth, or know of good resources on them, please let me know!


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Not really, we’re:

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Since August, Jonathan and I have not-not tried to get pregnant. Essentially, we aren’t trying to get pregnant, but for the first time since Hannah was born, we aren’t preventing it either. And quite honestly, I am all confused by the not-not trying.

Before I go any further, let me say this: My daughters are more than enough for me. It’s hard to explain or understand, but if I never have another child, my mama heart will be full to the brim just because of Julia and Hannah. Yet, at the same time there is a longing for a larger family. And that’s where the confusion sets in. In all this not-not business, I am constantly having to evaluate my heart and motives. Having to question why I want more children, why I think I’m “ready”, and staying content with my life as is. Then comes the planner in me: If I know my cycle, why would we not try? And how much effort do I put into tracking my cycle if we aren’t necessarily trying?

God has been revealing a lot to me in the last few weeks. I haven’t grasped all of it, but am starting to understand certain points. Starting to understand that life isn’t mapped out, delivered to you in a perfect package. That what I think should happen, is certainly not what needs to happen. Understanding that I rely far too much on my own control than God’s. It’s a constant lesson, not just with our not-not trying, but in all my life. It’s a constant reliance on God to lead me through my days. And I trust that in it all, He will grow me, shape me and draw me closer to Him.


Posted on: January 22, 2010

My dear readers, as of today, I have lost 50 pounds since having Hannah. I am now under my wedding day weight and closing in on my college weight. Woo-hoo!!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for….

We had a baby.

A baby girl!

Hannah Michelle weighed in at 9 pounds, 2 ounces. Whew!

It makes me laugh a little, because for the better part of my pregnancy I was completely convinced we were having a girl. Then for the last 10-15 weeks (and especially the last 4-6 weeks) I thought for sure we were having a boy. But God knows what this family needs, and we need another beautiful wonderful daughter to raise, love and train.

Here is Hannah’s birth story for all you who are interested:

On Sunday, the 14th, my water broke around 7 pm. Like with Julia, it was a release over time, rather than one large gush. Around 8 pm I started having contractions that were about 10 – 15 minutes apart. By 10:30 I started walking the cul-de-sac with my mom and my contractions were coming every 4 minutes. They weren’t too bad, I could still walk through them, but had to stop talking. This lasted till 11:30, when Jonathan started getting ready for us to leave for the hospital. We arrived at the hospital a little after midnight. By this point my contractions had slowed down significantly, coming every 20 minutes or later. The nurse hooked me up to a machine to monitor my contractions and Hannah’s heart beat. During this time, the midwife, Lynne, came to check up on me. She expressed concerned, first, because Hannah’s heart beat has bouncing (almost literally) between 90 and 190, second, my contractions were slowly down more and more, and third, I had only dilated to 4 cm and barely effaced. At hearing this I got really upset, because it meant I still had so far to go. We made the decision to start pitocin to “kick start” the process. Again, I was feeling pretty emotional about how things were swerving farther from my original birth plan/idea and was nervous that taking pitocin would lead to other medicinal interventions. Thankfully, once I got the pitocin the contractions started coming regularly and were getting intense. I was able to use the tub to labor for a little while, helping to ease my muscles. Once I felt the need to push, I got out of the tub and got into the bed. I had some pretty severe back labor pains, so my mom and Jonathan would take turns pressing on my back during contractions. I tried “resting” between contractions but they seemed to be piggy backing making it nearly impossible to really ever relax. Just after 4 am, Lynne gave me the go to start pushing. I pushed for about 15-20 minutes and Hannah was born at 4:21. I must say, pushing was far more painful with Hannah than Julia. It could be because she is bigger, or pushing went much faster, but I clearly remember thinking “I am never having another kid”. Yeah, we’ll see about that. 😉

I will admit that things didn’t go as I had thought they would; I assumed that from start to finish would have been shorter, that I wouldn’t need any type of medicinal intervention and that I’d some how be more “ready”. But on the other side, since Hannah was born things are going better than I hoped. She’s latching on really well, has so far been very content and Julia seems to really love her.

God has been such a wonderful provider! I can’t begin to explain how blessed I am to be the mother of two beautiful wonderful little girls. 


Hannah Michelle 6/15/2009

Hannah Michelle 6/15/2009


Julia Mabel 11/23/2007

Julia Mabel 11/23/2007

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