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Holy baby bump

Posted on: March 24, 2009

Am I already in my 3rd trimester?! How did that happen? I have to admit this pregnancy has flown by in comparison to Julia’s. Perhaps it’s a combo of having a toddler and being far more busy that things seem to have slipped by much, much faster.

Well, now for a little guessing game. What do you think will be Dubya Dos’:



Delivery date (due date is June 16th)


Hair/no hair


We’ve already got names picked out for both gender (although I promised Jonathan I wouldn’t post them online, so if you want to know, you’ll need to ask).

Here are a few stats with regards to Julia and this pregnancy to help you with your pick:

– she was a girl (obviously)

– she was born on her due date

– she weighed 8 pounds

– she came out with a head of jet black hair (which, she actually got from me – shocking I know)

– this pregnancy has been pretty much the same as hers, except for Dubya Dos seems to be a little more active

– I was sick just as long with Julia as I was with Dos, except that at 15 weeks I got really, really sick for several days and then was done with morning sickness (with Mabel I just got a little sick the same week and it lasted only a night)

– I’ve had dreams that we’re having a girl and a boy. Each time someone is telling us what they think we’re having, not that we actually had one or the other. 

I’d say you’d win a prize for coming closest to Dubya Dos’ actual stats, but once s/he arrives, I’m pretty certain I won’t be thinking about passing out prizes. Maybe instead, you can have the prize of babysitting Dos and Julia so Jonathan and I can get some sleep. 🙂

5 Responses to "Holy baby bump"

Sex: Girl

Delivery date (due date is June 16th): June 13th

Weight: 7lbs 2 oz

Hair/no hair: Definitely hair

Sex: (Girl or Boy) for sure, 51% girl 49% boy

Delivery date (due date is June 16th): June 18th

Weight: 8lbs 1 oz

Hair/no hair: hair

BOY- I think it looks like you have a basketball under your shirt!
Date of arrival- probably late
Weight: 8 lb 5 oz
Hair- yes! we’ve got to keep our tradition of our kids coming out looking alike! 🙂

Sex: I think you are having girl #2

Delivery date (due date is June 16th): June 8th, it’s a Monday and everyone wants their baby to come just a little early, especially when you are running after a toddler 🙂

Weight: 7.6 since you are being so good about no sweet treats

Hair/no hair: definitely hair, no real reason, I just like babies with hair!

Can’t believe it’s already your 3rd trimester. Gives me hope that when we get pregnant again I won’t have to feel like I was pregnant for all my life like with Graham 🙂

Sex: Boy

Delivery date (due date is June 16th): June 21 (Father’s Day)

Weight: 8 lbs., 3 oz.

Hair/no hair: Hair! Hair! Wonderful Hair!

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