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Dear Dubya Dos,

Posted on: March 5, 2009

I love you. It’s been awesome being your “greenhouse” for the last 25 weeks. I’m looking forward to finally meeting you in the next 15 weeks (please no later – mama doesn’t like that idea). I have to admit I love when you kick, punch, roll, stretch around. Makes for some great entertainment, and reminds me that you are healthy and apparently pretty happy. 

However, I do have one, small, tiny request. Can you please stay out of my pelvis? Especially at night. Sure, sure, it’s cozy and warm. But child, it hurts. Bad. I feel like you’re trying to push yourself out. Head (or butt) down, pushing on my lungs with all your might, squeezing as tightly as you can into my pelvis, makes mama very uncomfortable. And another question: are you purposefully waking me up at night with your kicking? Are you getting bored and in need of companionship? I’m just wondering, because Big Sis never did that, so it’s a little alarming. Personally, I’m hoping this means that you’ll sleep through the night long before Julia ever did, but hey, I’m a daydreamer. 

Enjoy your next 15 weeks, stay healthy, keep growing and know that mama, daddy and Julia are anxiously awaiting to see your beautifulness. 


1 Response to "Dear Dubya Dos,"

Enjoyed your comments today on my blog. Had to check out your blog. Liked the post to the baby. More moms should talk to and connect with their babies while still on the inside!

I hope you pick up some good info on my blog to help you along with this pregnancy and upcoming birth. I am so jealous…

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