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I’m sure even Martha Stewart doesn’t like chores

Posted on: March 6, 2009

Don’t shoot – but I really like cleaning. I find something rather therapeutic in the act, and really, really love the results. However, I’ve come to realize there is one chore that I dread above all others….

Making the bed.

Shocking I know. Probably would have guessed cleaning the bathroom, or doing dishes, or something that seems rather “dirty”, but no, just making the bed. It’s something that has to be done daily (in my book at least) and it seems to be the one thing I’d rather forgo doing alone, as it takes a lot of time. I can think of only two reasons for my growing displeasure of bed making; 1) we upgraded to a king size in September, thus making the chore “larger” and 2) we still have all our winter blankets on the bed, thus making the amount of covers made seem to never end. Perhaps once real spring roles around and we put away some of the covers things will be a little simpler.

So, what is your least favorite chore? The one thing that stares you in the face that you want to ignore but can’t?

6 Responses to "I’m sure even Martha Stewart doesn’t like chores"

I would much rather scrub toilets than sweep or vacuum.

I hate laundry because we don’t have sorting bins, so I have to go through the whole pile and separate it. Also, Tony manages to turn every single piece of his clothing inside out, so folding takes twice as long.

That’s really funny Alicia. I love vacuuming. That is my favorite for sure. I could vacuum until every line was in place. I think I like the immediate results.

I agree, making the bed is terrible. But the absolute worst is changing poopee diapers. I would rather reshingle the roof or wash the car or even tile a floor. I guess those aren’t chores though. How about taking out the trash. I’d do that instead.

I wonder if vacuuming is a guy thing, because Mike loves it too. I like dusting for the same reason- immediate results. Although it has to be pretty dusty for it to be satisfying for me, so that means I’m probably dusting less often then I should! 🙂
I hate kitchen related chores (loading/unloading dishwasher, wiping counters, sweeping, etc.) which is bad, because these are the ones that need to be done every day.
I don’t mind making the bed and love when my bed is made, I just usually run out of time in the morning to do it before I leave for work.

I am weird, but I LOVE to clean. The chore that I used to be the worst at doing was taking out the garbage… but now I only have to walk like 5 steps, so that is no longer a problem. I LOVE to dishes. They are my favorite task… that and laundry. They are so satisfying for me… I can see my accomplishment immediately!

I think the chore I dislike the most is mopping the bathroom and kitchen floors. Yuck. I don’t like the dirty water, nor do I like that fact that I can NEVER seem to sweep well enough to keep the mop from getting gross.

I must say I enjoy cleaning also. Cleaning bathrooms is a little lower on my list but I can’t STAND a dirty bathroom so I get it done. I also really enjoy vacuuming and laundry. Ironing might be the lowest. Takes a long time and is pretty boring. BUT, I remind myself that I could be out on the prairie with nothing to iron with but a solid iron that has to be handled with lots of cloths to keep from burning me and I have to heat over a stove that I have to keep hot with the wood that I chopped yesterday… on and on. I choose to be thankful for all that I am blessed to use in my home, uh, and keep clean. Everyday.

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