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Singing in the rain!

Posted on: March 8, 2009

First things first: Happy birthday, Leah!

Ok, now on to my post…

I really like rain. It does get old when it constantly rains, but for the most part, I just plain enjoy it. Nothing like playing in the rain makes you feel quite like a little kid. However, I’m not a big fan of wet jeans. You know, where your hem gets all wet and nasty from running car-to-store-to-car-to-house-to-car-to-library, etc, etc. Other than wearing only flip flops with my jeans rolled up, have I ever solved my dilemma. But, not this year.

This year for my birthday, Jonathan is buying me a pair of rainboots! About now is where you can imagine me giving a gleeful cheer.

Rainboots, for all vanity’s sake, aren’t what I’d consider attractive. However, I think they are uber cool and very functional. Given that we have a mud pit in our backyard (that will soon enough be a garden), it’d be nice to have shoes to wear that can resist rain and mud without getting ruined. And not to mention that it’s easier to dash from my car to the store with Julia in my arms when I’m not worried about getting soaked or slipping in my beloved flip flops.

But, as always, I’ve too many choices. So, will you be so kind as to help me pick out my new boots?

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. I will be wearing them with many, many different outfits (jeans, shorts, skirts, etc) that will range in color.

2. I will be wearing them in mud.

3. I like unique, but not weird. There is a fine line, in my opinion. Liz Lemon, unique. Angela from the Office, weird.

4. They should be well priced. Meaning, I’ve seen some way cool ones, but they are a tad expensive.  

Here are a few that I’m digging:

Plain jane.

Plain jane with a little flair.


Paddington Bear.



Any favorites? Any suggestions?

6 Responses to "Singing in the rain!"

i like the RED ones. i think since becoming a mom and the kids getting hand-me-down rain boots over the years, i think they are genius! plus, with gardening, super genius! lucky girl! whatever you choose, enjoy!

I like the Plain Jane, the Paddington Bear and the Unique ones. I am also indecisive. 😉

I am all about almost crossing the weird line so I definitely like the “unique” ones. They are super cute. My style is decidedly unique but hopefully never crosses that oh-so-fine line. I like that the graphic on the “unique” ones is sort of like the bird from the Partridge Family. I’m totally digging the retro, vintage feel. In case you needed just a little more indecision though, the sunshiney ones are an extremely close second. How could you not love that sunny yellow on a dreary, rainy day??? Just a side note, if you want another pair to muck around the garden in and you have an Aldi store nearby, they have them on special this week for around $10. Blessings in your boots! – SP

I made my decision. I’m getting the plain jane ones. I was thinking over my wardrobe and the items I wear most often, and figured that plain jane would be the best. Plus, once they’ve seen a few muddy days, it’d be nice to have a darker color. I will say this much: I really, really like the Paddington Bear ones. Maybe it’s because of my obsession with teddy bears. One day I might have to get those too. 🙂

Luckily rain boots might come close to qualifying as a “need” in my house. Fitz pooed in the house today (for the first time) right after I took him outside–which I took to be him saying, “Seriously, you took me outside in canvas shoes and thought you gave me plenty of time because your feet were wet and cold? I don’t think so, lady.”

just read this now…. but i was going to vote for the plain jane ones… seems like you could wear them with the most outfits! 🙂 that is my only thought… deep… i know! 🙂 thanks for the birthday greeting!

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